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Thank You!!!!! All_Alone


Since joining this site, I have gained a better understanding of myself. I understand it’s okay to be vulnerable that comes with hurt, pain, anger and sadness. I recently shared with another person who is apart of the Anxiety and Depression Support that I have my days when I shut down completely and I don’t like to reach out to anyone. But this particular person has taken her time, patience and kind heart to still want to listen and share things to help me get through things. I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to All_Alone 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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UnderstandingMyPain in reply to Hidden

Thanks for everything!!!!

We all deserve kindness and compassion . You have helped me also!


We are all friends here we relate you all help more than u know

So true Brig57, so true

It helps us as u can relate and prob are Avery sensitive person hence in pain and feel people’s pain

And get this

Do u laugh at me for being sensitive??

Good point

U r very sensitive this can be a gift to others though

Like I said u dint laugh at others pain or theirvsensitibtyv

Inspiration photos and walls help a lot for me to each his own or build memorials or wind chimes paintings or tributes to people we admire held me keep going

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