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Surviving the day


Today I will be having dinner at my Mother in law's. She has always been quite cruel to me and her daughter is too. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner but I just came across a pencil eraser while looking in a drawer for something else. The eraser will be in my pocket while I am at her house and everytime something upsetting is directed at me I will simply touch the eraser and imagine myself erasing the nasty comment and the person who said it. I cannot drink with my medication but I have to wonder who will notice I am smiling more than I usually do! If it helps this will definitely become a new tool for me. Nothing else has seemed to work. I also plan to add some temporary blue and rose gold highlights to my hair. They wash out so why not.

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What a great idea with the eraser.

If i still went to my mother in laws i would steal your idea.

Luckily for me she is too frail to do all that cooking but i have endured many years of her hurtful comments.

Your not the only one.

The color in your hair sounds like fun to me enjoy it and erase all the insults from your mind

Mrspjsmom in reply to Jamie2018

Thank you I will.


Sounds like a fantastic plan...I have an entire family of as I call them out-laws, ha! Thankfully they live 1,600 miles away...

When one annoys me I like to look at them with a smile yet in my mind I'm saying some things to them and then it's easy for me to keep the smile, I know totally wrong of me yet it does help me and keeps the peace.

May you have a Happy Peaceful Enjoyable Thanksgiving, along with peace of mind!

Here are sparkles and dump trucks of groovy love, peace, light, joy and hugs for you Rosey Blue!!!!

Mrspjsmom in reply to Hidden

Thank you I can use all the sparkle and love I can get to get me through dinner today. Especially after they start drinking lol

Hidden in reply to Mrspjsmom

Hey do you have any glitter lotion or spray you can put on? I have some too bad I can't run it over to you...then you'd really sparkle!

Keep your power throughout and just smile away...kill em with kindness... my grandma always said you get a bear with honey, not vinegar... so true...

Sparkles along with dump trucks of groovy love, peace, light, joy and hugs for you!

Mrspjsmom in reply to Hidden

I have some glittery powder I can brush on my face and neck.

Hidden in reply to Mrspjsmom

Ha..there you it up good and glitter away!

Sparkles and dump trucks of groovy love, peace, light, joy and hugs!

😀...great coping mechanism you should patent that 1

Would prefer to share it. Just can't believe I didn't think of it sooner lol

What a good idea ! I think I might need one of those large erasers for really big mistakes . I love the hair idea it sounds so festive. Some people just can't help sharing their misery, aren't you glad you are one who shares love ?

Great idea for getting through the day. It’s a shame people can’t just be nice to you. There’s no reason to be cruel. I hope your day goes well.

I lived through this myself and one thing I strongly suggest for you is to take your own car, let your partner stay and you find and exit I had to deliver leftovers to the local half way house and the soup kitchen, so I left early. It's a great survival technique.

Would love to drive separately but my husband and I are planning to visit my best friend in the hospital after dinner.

brilliant idea not silly at all if it help you to get through the day more peacefully then that has got to be good.. hope your dad went OK xx

All positive thinking.well done.

Just think they are irrelevant to you.

Lots of love coming your way

If you want to be wicked,eat beforeyou go

Then you won’t eat much of her food.

This always winds people up!,

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