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Daily Grief Support --- November 25, 2019

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An important way to cope with grief is having an outlet, be it interpersonal, be it artistic, that will allow you to not have to contain your grief, but will give you an opportunity to express it, to externalize it to some degree.

---R. Benyamin Cirlin, Grief counselor

Consider taking a class in a topic that interests you. It could be an academic subject, a skill, or a sport. Alternatively, join a new club like a book discussion group or a political campaign. While you will most likely enjoy the experience of learning and being involved, one of the greatest benefits is that you will meet people who don't know you as someone who is grieving. It can become a place to connect with others without having to be reminded of your loss.

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Hayley is 3 weeks old today--- November 25, 2019

Ahhh Hayley is awake... precious :) xx

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BobJensen in reply to Agora1


She is just adorable:)

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BobJensen in reply to Dolphin14


Thanks. God bless.

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