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Daily Grief Support ---November 10, 2019

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"We live and we die, but we are made of sterner stuff. The carbon atoms in our fingernails, the calcium in our bones, the iron atoms in our blood -- all the countless trillions of atoms of which we are made -- are ancient objects. They existed before us, before the Earth itself, in fact. And after each of us dies, they will depart from our bodies and do other things. Forever."

- Keith Heyer Meldahl, Hard Road West: History and Geology along the Gold Rush Trail

Physical bodies are of this earth; you learned about their components in school. Somehow death does not seem as grounded. Your loss is forcing you to face what you think happened to the essence or the spirit of your loved one. This experience is actually compelling you to look at not only your religious or cultural beliefs, but what you personally believe now that you've experienced loss. This process is as much spiritual as it is emotional.

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Someone well educated and a brAin



Very bright

Feel for yur losses

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BobJensen in reply to Brig57


I planted some trees and made home made windchimes that have helped in loss

Notvto sound like a counselor but itvdid help

Donated some funds. To charities in their name

Sorry for yur loses and grief

At least you cared

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BobJensen in reply to Brig57

Thanks. Great.

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Brig57 in reply to BobJensen

Take care

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BobJensen in reply to Brig57

I will. Thanks. You, also.

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