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Before I take some time off


If there is one thing I wish I had known sooner is that being sad is a moment, not a personality trait. A panic attack can be stopped in its tracks, a person can leave if I as them to, being lonely isn’t lonely if you don’t view it as lonely. Another person’s opinion of me doesn’t actually affect me at all, that most sad things don’t want to be a sad thing and a sad thing does not choose to be sad but it can choose to not suffer and I wish more people knew this, I wish you knew that dragging yourself out of bed in the morning and having breakfast is what an achievement looks like

So in case you are just learning this now, an experience can be good or bad and it mostly depends on how you want to view it , the person who said the the mean thing should carry the unhappiness of it, not you. A moment finishes and another one will come and try not to cry too much because you might accidentally build an identity around it. A person can never be the end of you...... be sad but don’t let it go past breakfast, do not allow it to overstay it’s welcome,feeling better always happens, you can’t search for happiness cause it’s not hiding from you. Next time you love make sure you start with yourself. Most of the things you think will kill you won’t kill you. breathing techniques can be medicine

I wish you only the best of things, peace of mind, hours of sleep without waking up in the middle of the night, I hope you laugh when you see something funny, I will see you later 👋

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If I can follow one or two of your tips I will be happy. But it is so difficult and painful. What do you do when You have depression for no obvious reasons but just keeps hurting in your brain.

20Voices in reply to Chanshan

I was there and it was on my when I got so fed up of everyone wanting to know what caused my anxieties and depression that I got mad. I didn't know and I wanted help to get better, not mull over what was making me feel so bad.

So I just said enough, help me to stop the voices and headaches, then may be we can talk about what the cause might have been.

Yes it is good to know the cause so you can ensure you can cope better with those situations or put an end to them, but you can only do that when you are at a stage that you feel fit, healthy and strong enough to cope with doing that.

I started with doing things to improve my diet and sleep along with learning, re-learning techniques for building self-esteem, self-confidence, dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Most importantly I started to re-learn who I was and what my core beliefs were.

"One day at a time, one step at a time" was my mantra for a long time along with "Tomorrow will be a better day".

Ignoring those negative voices in your head and those negative and conflicting voices around you (friends, family, etc) is really hard because you get so much conflicting information.

My top tips are

Set goals every day. Keep a record of them and very importantly a record of what you have achieved.

Keep a daily record of what good things happened to you today.

Remember you are not alone.

Learn something new each week, be it a new meditation, or new healthy food option. Always learn from your experiences.

I have many other tips as well, but honestly the one thing I know for sure is that we all are different and the combinations of things that work for me are probably a bit different from what will work for you. However, if you don't try and I mean a good honest "I am going to try this for a few weeks and give it my best" try you won't know if it will work for you or not.

Learn a few different techniques and keep practising even when you are feeling good, because it is easier to use that breathing technique or that coping strategy if you have been practising it all the time.

Also remember to talk, if not to some one in person then on here, or use the help lines if it is really bad, or even just scribble you thoughts down can help.

Hope this helps give you some ideas.

Take care

Chanshan in reply to 20Voices

Thanks a lot. Everything you have suggested makes sense. Will try out. Most of the time people around you hurt more when you are crying for help.

You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.

So glad you have managed to see the good in yourself and what you can achieve.

Remember the words you have written hear when you have an off day. They are do true and well said.

I hope others take them to heart.

You can find the light when those days are dark.

Be proud of being you.


We’ll see you later, take care of yourself sunflower

Always and ever :) xx

enjoy a happy life Danielle when you take your vacation away from the forum.


Hey...beautiful photo..

Love your thoughts and words ..


Have you ever thought of being a teacher? A motivational speaker ... well you actually are right here right now. You are inspirational and you have important messages to spread.

Agora1 in reply to Starrlight

I agree Starrlight :)

Have a good weekend xx

Starrlight in reply to Agora1

Thanks Agora 🥰 easy to see her talent right!? You too, have the most beautiful moments.

I second that, she can actually make you feel her words her emotions are all over them

For sure

Such a beautiful mind..kindred spirit..matches ur alluring beauty!!

I have come to learn all of what you wrote. Life doesnt have to be so damn awful.

If you cant see the sunshine, than be the sunshine. Or learn to dance in the rain. However you want to look at it. 🙏☀️

Very good petal, The best post Ive read and best advice Ive seen on here, your blooming now ! xxx

Beautiful words from a beautiful lady. May you have laughter, peace, love, and a life full.

Wow that was a powerful message...have you suffered from anxiety attacks before.

Thank you so much for this post. It was very helpful and encouraging to me! May God continually Bless you and yours!

Danielle, you are an inspiration to all of us. God bless you for all those powerful messages.

I hope you're enjoying your break sunflower, stay well

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