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Re-posted for Newbies: ANXIETY I LAUGH IN YOUR FACE!


Anxiety, I laugh in your face because you are an imposter. You make us think we have cancer when it's nothing of the sort. You make us think we have heart failure when our hearts are good and strong. You make us think we are about to die when we have decades of healthy life ahead. And when doctors tell us all is well you sow seeds of doubt in our minds.

Anxiety, for all your bluff and bluster and the bad feelings you give to me and my friends here you are really a Big Nothing. You cannot kill us, you cannot cripple us and you can't make us lose our minds. I have nothing but contempt for you and your bullying ways. Anxiety, I laugh in your face.

I think of all the good times, good jobs, good relationships that you have soured with your mean and spiteful ways. But you have a weak spot - and I know your secret!

Anxiety, you may be my nemesis but I am yours. I know your Achilles Heel, I know how to destroy you and as time passes more and more of my friends here come to know it too. All we have to do is stop fighting you and accept for the time being all the bad feelings and strange thoughts you hurl against us with less and less fear as each day goes by. Fear is food and drink to you, it provides you with the sustenance you need to attack us. When we deny you our fear you soon weaken and die.

Anxiety, I despise you for your tricks and your treachery, you are really a Big Nothing. You don't show up on X-rays and scans; even with the most powerful microscope in the world you are nowhere to be seen. Why then should we fear a Nothing?

Anxiety, you are a Nothing and a Nobody and I laugh in your face!

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Great post Jeff!

Thanks Jeff1943.Just what I needed at this moment.x

Yes! Awesome. I need to re read this on my hard days. Loved it.

Thank you!! A great read that reassures is how truly ‘nothing’ anxiety should play in our lives.

Thanks Jeff needed to read that again struggling right now

Thanks. I see now that anxiety is the big bully whom we must stand up to!

I absolutely love the last paragraph

Great!!!!!!! I will read this every day and I will pass this to everybody that suffers with this karma !!!!!!!!!!!

Very true thank you everyone needs to read this x

Thank you for all your thoughtful wisdom . I’m currently reading your posts & doing screen shots to help me through bad days ! I suffer ridiculously from health anxiety & fear every Dr I go to is going to give me bad news - many years of anxiety is to much & I’m ready to make a change - thank you !

Jeff1943 in reply to Annabelle61

I strongly recommend the Doctor Claire Weekes book I mention ' Self help for your nerves', the method for recovery it contains is life saving.

Annabelle61 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you ! I’m going to order it today - looking forward to strong mental health after too many decades of suffering and ill health

Thanks for posting this!

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