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Anxiety and depression taking over my life

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I’ve had anxiety for like half a year and depression for nearly 1 year I get so many physical symptoms know it’s becoming insane headaches , chest pains , body pain , and raised heart rate from doing the littlest things I’m really scared and also just want to know what symptoms you lot get I’m obsessed I’ve either got heart problems or even a brain tumour as I get dizzy please help me 😓😓😓

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Hello Lwatson67. When a person has anxiety they can often believe they are physically unwell too. It is very common as their anxiety is so high. It sounds like you may have health anxiety. You could always get a check up to rule anything out if you think that will put your mind at rest.

It sounds like most of your symptoms are typical of anxiety. I get tight muscles, rapid heart, sweating, fast breathing, and other things as well. Slow, deep breathing from the belly helps to calm. Sometimes it’s hard but find something to focus on and breathe. Also counting backwards helps me as I breathe.

I know exactly how you feel I went through years not being able to leave my house because of fear of dying heart attack chest pain , panic attacks feeling faint. Every horrible feeling you can imagine. Trust me you will be fine but the more you worry the more you like these thoughts and feeling s bully you . Go docs get help therapy it's a life saver x and also it will pass believe you have to be strong and not worry until you have too ! It takes away years of your life to one day look back and think bloody hell what a waste, here if u need to talk and hope you get the help you need asap x

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Sophs82 in reply to Sophs82

You let these thoughts and feelings bully you sorry.

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Lwatson67 in reply to Sophs82

Yeh I’ve seen some one but just on a huge waiting list for a psychiatrist I’m just trying to cope as best as I can might starting walking as heard it can really help I’ve gained a lot of weight aswell so I’m gonna feel crappy ☹️

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Sophs_82 in reply to Lwatson67

Yes hon same I'm 12 stone now and was always 9st :( I just started after 6 months seeing someone at the moment I'm suffering with really bad derealization but I think come on what more can u throw at me x exercise and omega 3 tabs are really meant to be helpful too just try keep at it and also at mindfulness meditation really started to help me.too x

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Lwatson67 in reply to Sophs_82

Yes will keep in mind thanks for the support ❤️

Hello Lwatson67. Those are all very classic symptoms of anxiety. I get those plus cold sweats and hot flashes, visual disturbances, overall muscle weakness, nausea, fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, tingles, numbness, feelings of coldness, etc. Just know the more attention you pay attention to your symptoms, the worse they’ll become. Anxiety is a fire and all you’re doing is pouring in more gasoline when you worry and reminisce on what your body is feeling. Have you had some of these symptoms checked out by a medical professional?


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Lwatson67 in reply to TrustnGod

Yeh I have it’s just where I’m from you have to be put on w waiting list they said it is either health anxiety and hypochondria so just a waiting game just I’m panicked all the time it’s becoming painful ☹️

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TrustnGod in reply to Lwatson67

My heart goes out to you. Just know that if you’ve been dealing with this for a whole year and nothing has been physically wrong in that time, there’s a good chance it can be anxiety. I will pray you get a call soon!


Don’t let the vicious cycle occur… The anxiety causes health issues that concern over the health issues causes more health issues… And more anxiety… The body is an amazing self-sufficient organism all you have to do is lay down and not even think about it the body will breathe the heart will pump... organs will detoxify and bring you back to homeostasis if you don’t interrupt it 😌

Hi Lwatson67 - like others have mentioned I know how you feel - anxiety can be absolutely crippling... and being stuck on a wait list to see a provider is a bummer! But you found this site which is a great place to get support while you wait. Find some relaxation techniques that work for you and try those and see if they help. Walking is a great idea it helps me quite a bit. Take each day at a time and soon enough you’ll make it to your appointment. Just like Dasiymom said your body is an amazing machine. Deep breaths - you will get there slowly but surely! 🦉🦉

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Lwatson67 in reply to Snowyowl23

Thank you 🙏

I get tingling, pins and needles, all over. Incredibly tight muscles, sometimes upper and or lower back pain. My scm muscle is super tight and has my neck all messed up. I'm dizzy and have frequent headaches and sore and lightheaded and have chest pain and on and on. I try to convince myself it's just health anxiety but it definitely takes its toll.

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Lwatson67 in reply to Sabw

Thank you for the support only just logged back on 😺

Your problem is mainly your thinking retrain your mind ! hay house, sounds true, nightingale conant online, change yourself no one else can do it !

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Lwatson67 in reply to gerrerd

Thank you 🙂

Do you get those horrible pvcs (heart palpitations)??

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Lwatson67 in reply to Ceelos81

Yes mate 😐

I been there when my anxiety and stress is so high I get dizzy. U gotta eat and hydrate . And sleep. I learned that the hard way . U gotta take care of yourself .


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