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Benzos to help w/ ssri stopping


Hey i have recently stopped my lexapro and trazodone. I was on antidepressants for a bit over 2 months. What are some withdrawl symptoms? I still have benzos will that help with the rebound anxiety? I take ativan .25 to 1 mg every day or every other day.

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I highly encourage you to ask your prescriber as they would be best fit to answer this. Did you stop the ADs cold turkey?

Mike7777 in reply to imsafi

I have been in contact with him. He told me to stop the ssri antidepressants

Mike7777 in reply to Mike7777

I kinda tapered down. Not for long

imsafi in reply to Mike7777

Gotcha! Only take the Ativan when you absolutely need it, remember, it can cause dependence and the withdrawal can suck.

Mike7777 in reply to imsafi

Ive been taking it every other day and sometimes everyday. Ive had no withdrawl or dependancy. It works. My other meds did not.

Jchubb in reply to Mike7777

I agree it does work, so does opiates when you're in pain, the alike any other addicted medication it will require more, you will never find that good of a replacement but you need to find something that comes close. However, I have bad anxieties and I feel the same with you, and use Klonipin, but again it takes more and I never want something that I have to depend on that will give me major withdrawals and nobody will help you. Sometimes when you are going through a couple of weeks (sometimes a month) of terrible, that is when you should take it and then back to the regular medication.

You shouldn't have any withdrawal with trazodone, but again everybody is different, and that truly is what it's all about, you have to find what works for you. I went through many medications, sometimes even ended up in the hospital, but finally found a combination that works better than nothing at all.

MEGL53 in reply to Jchubb

Does trazadone work for panic attacks or only for depression?

Mike7777 in reply to MEGL53

Trazodone is mainly used for insomnia nowadays but it is still in the class of antidepressants.

MEGL53 in reply to Mike7777

I don’t have depression but my panic attacks are overwhelming. After trying everything there is only Xanax works.

Mike7777 in reply to MEGL53

Then take the xanax.. if its working take it

Elfje in reply to MEGL53

How much you must taken at day ?

And are you really feel ok with it ?

Mike7777 in reply to Jchubb

The trazodone helped me sleep well as it was prescribed for, but i was on another antidepressant at the time and i was having symptoms of serotonin syndrome, so i stopped. My doc is fine with me being on the benzos and im very sensitive to meds so only need a small dose. Its addictive because they work! Anything can be addictive.

Ouroboros in reply to Mike7777

LOL! Trazodone would wake me up in the middle of the night with an erection every time I took it. They told me to stop taking it. Kinda defeats the purpose if it wakes you up. Plus I didn't want to go to the ER for a hard on.

Mike7777 in reply to Ouroboros

Lol thats crazy

Trezsdone did nothing for me. Everyone's different. I didn't have any withdrawals. Becarful with Benzine, I received a email about withdrawing from it and how too? This was from Web MD, it's used for many ailments. Cramps to Anxiety

Good morning from Belgium all this SSRIs and other meds did nothing for me making it just worser the only thing that helps is a benzo an therapist it's still hard the only med that also is helpful is a anti psychotic med but only a verry verry low doses they give this a lot still meds alone don't help it's both meds and help from friends our a good therapist and your specialist

Take care

I stopped taking my antidepressants when I found a link between them and my hair lose. I've been close to restarting them but I think I've realised I'm probably only needing them because so unhappily married. So do I take them to carry on I don't know. It made me wonder if anyone else is taking them to mask another problem they have.

Ouroboros in reply to Arniestal

Your life and stressors cause mental problems. Yes, I tried to just meditate, lower stress, and exercise. But, my marital problems and stress are too great to ignore my anxiety condition. So yes those problems can cause you to need medication. I have been going to a therapist to get to the root of my problems while, I am trying a non SSRI anxiety treatment. Also, if you are losing your hair suddenly and are depressed you may have a Thyroid condition. Hypothyroidism will make you lose hair and be depressed with low energy. Also, you nails may pit. You would want to cross that of the list so you don't end up with other problems.

Arniestal in reply to Ouroboros

Yes I have a underactive thyroid, just been rechecked to make sure I'm taking right dose.

Mike, please be careful with the benzos... you don't know you're dependent until you try to come off or when they stop working and you need more.

They usually prescribe antidepressants to come off the benzos..

Lisa Ling just did a report on TV this week..

I suggest you talk with your MD and have him help you taper from the AD slowly without using a benzo..

Benzos are only meant shorty term 2-4 weeks max

Its the media and recreational drug users that give benzos a bad rep. I have no addiction to them at all. Ive gone from taking them everyday to going a week without them. I will stay on them as long as i need and as long as they help me, why wouldnt i if they help? My md told me to come off the antidepressants. So i did. Im on a very low dose of benzos as well. Been over 2 months.

MEGL53 in reply to Mike7777

The only medicine that has helped me with anxiety attacks is Xanax. I’ve used it for many years the same dosage. Went off for two years until now that they are back. If addictive or not, it’s the only thing for me.

I was prescribed Klonipin... I'm not a recreational drug user..

I became dependent, Not addicted...

You do what you wish...

Informed consent...

It's up to you to become educated

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But im not dependant on it and my doc is fine with it. Im just saying kids who use benzos recreationally just add to the reputation they have of being abused. Of course you can be dependant on something THAT WORKS. everyone different though.

Some taken it for jears

With every meds you must be careful

Hi! Wow, I used to take Lexapro but now I take Ativan. 😱 its same as yours.

Sorry I don’t remember my withdrawal symptoms... but Ativan and Remeron work well for me.

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