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Wanted to share a short story about my Sunday

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Hi everyone!!

Friday and Saturday were long days 10/12 hour work days. So Sunday came and was a little sore and tired. It was hard to keep up with the flow of business and people just seemed really on edge. Finally was able to catch up and take a breath. I was cleaning up plates and silverware (washing dishes is my meditation really helps center me and calm me down) it the midst of this I was thinking how I could just really go for a hug about now! A guest who I helped check in on Friday walked up to me and I asked her how her weekends been. She said it’s been amazing and thanked me for all my hard work in the kitchen and the food has been amazing. I smiled and thanked her for that. She than asked if she could give me a hug! We hugged!!

The last couple of months has been a wild ride for me. A lot of change going on internally and externally. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t explain what’s happening.

I hope everyone is having a good day today!! You all are wonderful people just keep moving forward day by day. Sending you all hugs and good thoughts!

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Thank you for sharing your Sunday, Michael. I am happy you had a good day. :)

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Thank you Autumnday!

A hug just seems to make everything worthwhile.

Thanks for sharing Michael. Hugs, Agora1 xx

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Michael8072 in reply to Agora1

A smile a hug even a wave sometimes can just turn a day right side up. You just never know what the power of any of those 3 can do for someone.

Thank you Agora1!!

I'm so happy for you! Hugs are always great...sending you a virtual one! (((Hugs)))

Hugs to you!! Thank you for the hugs! Hugs are definitely always great and appreciated. They can really turn a bad day into a better day!!

Hope your having a good day!!

Thanks for sharing Michael. It's often the little things that can mean the most. I hope you're having a great day!

How very true that is!! Thank you I have a nice view from my window right now. So I’m very content!! Hope your having a great day as well!!!

Sue and I wanted to send you a hug too. You know you live in the same state we do! We have a small group of H/U people as our in state friends. If you would like to be a part of it, let us know. The small circle of people live about 130 miles apart or so max. We haven't ruled out meeting one day.

Think it over. Pm me or BonnieSue whenever you want. We will respond! Your in state friends are here for you always!

Have a blessed day,


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Michael8072 in reply to JEG325

Thank you both for the hug!!

Hugs to you too Michael!!

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Thank you for the hug!! It’s always appreciated!!

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