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How to combat the nausea

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I ate a meal for the first time today, this morning I had a half of bowl of cereal, around 2:30 i ate a banana an. md around 8:30-9 I ate baked chicken, cabbage, and brown rice. I didnt eat the whole plate but i ate till I was satisfied, I didnt feel nauseous at all today but after the meal I got nervous and started feeling nauseous, i took a gasx for feeling bloated, am i overreacting? what should i do?

Please help me

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sometimes when you are starting back eating it will take time to get over the anticipation of waiting in the nauseous to hit. Try eating smaller portions and peppermint after the mean would help me over come any nausea.

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Thank you so much I will try this

Yes this does happen if you are just starting to eat again.

ginger root tea, and gingerale helped me.

Thank you I will pick some up today

I spent tons on prescription drugs for nausea because they were part of the cluster migraines I was having....and then remembered my old school methods when a gal in the pharmacy said to just take some ginger root.....simple and cheap...and the only thing that worked for me....good luck

Thank you so much

I will go get some today

The time gaps between meals is too long. The main meal - late in the day and whilst apparently a healthy balanced meal - not the most easily digested.

Small meals more often. Start with more easily digested, less gaseous foods. Make sure veg are well cooked. Do you like white fish? Could you try mashed potatoes and plaice. If you have this with peas make sure you soften them and chew well. The longer we hold the food in the mouth, chewing well, the better.

Drink plenty of water - first thing in the morning and a glass before and after each meal.

Eat your banana early in the day, preferably for breakfast, then your cereal or porridge. Remember that meats take longer to digest, and must be chewed well. Fish doesn't take as long as meat.

Root vegetables well cooked, vegetable soups,

Smaller meat portions, ample veg portions. Plenty of fruits, chewed well . Soft fruits.

Foods to avoid at first : Cheese, Eggs, Cabbage, cauliflower; Marshmallows; Caffeine in coffee, tea etc.

Try some Fox's Glacier Mints and/or Mint Imperials. Always checks they contain peppermint oil and glucose. Sucking mints after your meal will help.

Avoid eating later than 6pm, but last meal should be at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Main meal preferably before 3pm.

The most important tips are drinking water to aid digestion and passage of food. And fully grinding / chewing food. So soft foods, liquid foods all good to start with.

Some examples : Blended soups, Milk drinks, milk shakes, ice cream, fish pie, shepherd's pie / cottage pie.

Anxiety around eating can affect digestion so try and keep meal times as stress free as possible. So maybe just narrowing the time gaps between meals and eating food you like and enjoy will help most of all (plus plenty of water).

I do have to work better on my meal times, I worked night shift for a while and got used to eating late so Im definitely all these tips in my arsenal so thank you so very much

Papaya enzymes are the only thing that knocks out nauesa for me. Ive had stomach issues for years and this year i tried it. Best thing ever and its all natural. Best wishes💜💜 btw welcome to the site.

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Good thing I told you about them! XXX

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Yessssss the only thing that knocked it out. 💗💗💗 love you Lisa 💜

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