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Anxiety related to fear

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Hello, my first post. I’ve dealt with anxiety and panic attack disorders for most of my teen and adult life. Generalized anxiety but panic attacks related to a few specific traumatic events in my life from my past. Now those deep rooted fears prevent me from doing the things I love doing. Anyone have success overcoming fears that would trigger anxiety and panic attack’s?

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I did Braveheartman.. of course it didn't happen overnight. Those fears stayed hard

and long in my mind but once I accepted that these were just thoughts and couldn't

harm me, I began going forward.

I'm happy to Welcome you to this great support group. You will find the understanding

and experience we all have been through on this chapter of our journey. It doesn't

have to be a forever sentence. It will, it can and it does go away if we are willing to

let go. I'm glad you're here with us. :) xx

That is a great way to look at it. Thank you

I wanted to say hello and welcome. Glad you are here to be supported/encouraged during this time and to provide support and encouragement to others as well. It sounds like you have "dealt with" and managed these health challenges for a length of time. Do you feel like the fears have been steadily increasing over time to get to this point or is there something that you can attribute their increase to? Are you finding there are multiple fears or a few that you can identify and isolate? Have you had good experiences with counselors in the past or even presently? Hope you don't min the questions to help us understand your current challenge.

Hi, yes multiple fears and really haven’t increased but just steady. I’ve tried to overcome them but with mixed successes. So I’ve basically started to avoid some of the the situations IE flying, rollercoasters to name a few. Even situations that I never have issues with but have an anxiety attack, so I avoid those because I’m afraid of having another anxiety attach there. Yes I’ve had some successes with therapists to help.

thanks for continuing the conversation. I think it can be overwhelming to think about battling all of the fears. If you could "pick your battle" which would you isolate to work on first? Since you have had some positive experience and success with therapy in the past, is that something you would pursue now for some of these concerns?

Hi thank you, yes I am still in therapy. I think picking one is a great idea, maybe I’ll rank them and start at the bottom of the list with the easier ones.

Appreciate the guidance and conversation


Thank you for sharing Braveheart. I can relate - as most humans probably can in some way- as we all experience some natural fear at times.

One good way is to learn to address the fears - so you can see the truth of each present moment- which is different from any past previous experience. To stay present in the moment without thinking about another similar situation of facts which triggers these fears from the past experience. And without fearing a possible future outcome. But by remaining in the present.

Sometimes medications cause more complications and confusion. They might help to numb the pain in the moment or cause different pains. However, sometimes they make it more difficult to know your true self and true reality- when they alter your true experiences.

In my experience, I am learning that sometimes what seems like an easy quick “fix” is not always good and sometimes the way which may be natural and seem more difficult is the true way to heal. Sometimes this means bearing and accepting the uncomfortable feelings in that moment and trusting it will pass. And living through it to see and know that.

Sometimes it requires stopping, instead of jumping from one fearful thought to another or one seemingly “comforting/calming” compulsive behavior to numb or escape the true feeling of the situation. The truth will set you free to live.

There are so many different strategies I have been given and learned over the years and would be glad to share more with anyone- pls feel welcome to msg me.

I hope we can all share and learn from each other in truth to see and live more fully.

Ps I too have difficulty with roller coasters :)

You might also consider starting to address the fears which are keeping you from truly living and loving in life!

Keep in mind, also: Some fears might be ok! And natural! ( for example, a hot stove is not good to touch!)

We can still live fully- without touching the hot stove!

When these fears are critical life needs like being with and loving people — it robs you of life and love.

I am trying to become aware of these moments of discomfort and to lean in and sometimes that means “feeling” the hurt and accepting it and finding the way to live through it- not without it.

It comes down to a choice each time. To reject the true reality of pain at times or to accept it. And to choose your actions from a place of love- and what is truly good- (rather than choose your actions based on fears). ... sometimes, not choosing to act in a certain way might also be a way of choosing to act from love and for what is truly good for you and others.

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Green47 thank you so much for the response. You are so right about staying in the moment. I guess a lot of times it takes courage to put myself in the situation that I fear or have had panic attacks in the past and then stay in the moment. A lot of the anxiety builds up even before I get into the situation and starts when I know it’s coming or When I’ve made a decision to go there. So when I’m in the moment I already have a lot of anxiety that built up. I have had successes through staying in the moment and working through the anxiety and fear. Especially when I surrender it to God and let him fight it and just be still.

I still have a long way but hopeful

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Yes, Braveheart! thank you for affirming me and encouraging me by appreciating my message. It means a lot!

Again , I can relate.

Especially when it “seems” to builds up - and this triggers automatic bodily responses. Etc. over time, these repeated responses can strengthen those neuropathways of fear making them easier reactions for us to do without trying as much.

This is why it is so important to stop- and be still and -

and return our focus to the Lord! Who is love and truth and gives true peace.

It is easy to be distracted by fears - like the waves and winds that circle about in a storm over the sea. In these moments it is important to keep our eyes on God.

I remember the story of Peter walking on the water - as he kept His eyes ... it was only when he took His eyes off of Jesus and looked at the storm that he began to sink ... let’s keep our eyes on the truth and trust! Through the storm. To the center where the eye of the storm is still.

To strengthen this way of responding, it can be hard at first. However, over time, when we step forward in trust, we can begin to see and learn this new way. And this will strengthen that neural pathway (spelling?) to act and respond this way .

Yet we are still human and there may be setbacks again- don’t keep your eyes on them or they will keep you distracted from returning to the way. Peacefully and gently , Return your focus - again - to what is good and true :)

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I appreciate you reminding me of this: “... surrender it to God and let him fight it and just be still.”

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I just realized that 2 people mentioned that same verse to me yesterday! It is Exodus 14:14! It's interesting how that happens sometimes... thank you!

and yesterday I heard that verse on this video:

I took a screen shot photo of that same verse on my phone too yesterday!

I needed to hear this message and this reminder. Thank you!

I share and hope this encourages you too! :)

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Yes thank you so much for reminding me to keep my eyes focused on Jesus as Paul did when he stepped out of the boat. What a powerful image. Def add that to my tool box when anxiety and fear creeps up. That and exodus 14:14! Amen to that!

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Of course it’s a lot harder said then done. Praying for strength for us

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Thank you! Likewise!

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