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The road is never easy..


Good evening friends. This weekend wasnt my best but I overcame it with the help of everyone here. We all know with anxiety you'll have good and bad days.....we just have remember the positive things and know it isn't gonna be easy. Thank you everyone for your support (actually brought tears to my eyes). We will win this battle.

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Keep staying positive my friend. It is what will get you through.

Smile..and know it is going to be okay. In time this will pass. :) xx

Jrick34 in reply to Agora1

😁😁😁 thank you and it will pass

You know we will, never doubt it. Remember , you are not your anxiety. I have come to realize over the years that people with anxiety and depression are some of the smartest, strongest, most self reliant people who exists. We somehow stop believing in ourselves, but when we get that belief back. oh baby! Get out of our way. Pam

Jrick, the road to recovery is always three steps forward, one step back. Do not be discouraged by set backs. I know you have a plan and are determined to succeed.

Overcoming anxiety is all about overcoming the fears that drive it. Freedom from depression is about freeing ourselves from the nervous exhaustion of facing our anxieties. Cognative Behavioural Therapy is absolutely right when it tells us that we undervalue our abilities and worth. Anxiety robs us of our self esteem, to recover we must rebuild that confidence in ourselves.

So read widely on this subject, listen to the YouTube videos, take full advantage of your doctor's and therapist's help if you can.

This is all part of the divine purpose, we are being tested: not for ever by still waters. Every adversity brings with it the seed of a greater benefit*, hard to see any benefit right now but we will. We will.

*Norman Vincent Peale " The power of positive thinking."

Jrick34 in reply to Jeff1943

Iam literally at my desk right now holding back tears. (Guess Iam a cry baby) This is what I needed to hear today. This past setback really did a number on me and the group has helped in a way Id never imagine. You are right, this is all part of the divine purpose and I cant nor will I give up now. Thank you for bringing this to me.....means more than you know.

Agora1 in reply to Jrick34

Hang on Jrick, I promise it gets better.

I am sending powerful thoughts your way right now.

You've got what it takes to get through this. We are right

beside you. :) xx

Jeff1943 in reply to Jrick34

Thankyou, Jrick34. Forgive me, I communicate with so many people here I forget what I have told to who so I'm constantly in danger of being repetitive. But are you aware of Doctor Claire Weekes' method for respite and recovery from anxiety disorder, and the depression that comes out of anxiety? It has helped so many people over the years since it was written nearly 50 years ago. In the U.S. it us titled " Hope and help for your nerves" (by Doctor Claire Weekes) and it saved my bacon many years ago. It's available new or used from Amazon for a few dollars. It's quite short, devoid of technical terms and as you read it you feel that she knows you. I suggest you consider reading this book if you haven't already. If you have I suggest reading it again and putting its 5 points into practice.

Perhaps her method has been so successful because she was a psychiatrist who experienced anxiety disorder herself and devised this method for her own recovery. It was written against a different social background to today but it has withstood the test of time.

Hi Jrick. I can tell from your compassion you are a great guy. Thank you for being there. I hope your anxiety dissolves soon.

stick to a plan even through the hard days it will make you stronger when you come through it happier and healthier.

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