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Once upon a time 50 years ago, there was a little boy who was depressed and had no self-esteem whatsoever. He was bullied at school and by his family at home.

One day, July 20, 1969, he was sitting in the living room watching the old black & white TV. Then he finally heard the sound on the TV say, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” And the boy had a tear in his eye when he saw a smiling and jubilant Walter Cronkite on the screen, with the words blinking: ‘MAN ON THE MOON!’ Two hours later the boy was astounded as he watched Neil Armstrong descend the ladder and set foot upon the moon.

That momentous time was so exciting that the little boy forgot all of his troubles and woes. He was so happy and so excited. And that was one time where the whole world was at peace because of this wonderful event.

That little boy 50 years ago was me. On this 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing, it’s a very special day for me because that’s the first time in my tumultuous childhood that I felt so happy and excited. That gave me hope even if I felt different from everybody else.

50 years later, I cherish that memory... the first time that I truly felt elated.

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MrZee what a beautiful touching story you posted x

Isn't it amazing in how a moment of happiness can wipe out all

our fears and doubts in our life. It lifts our pain and makes us

emotionally safe even if just for a moment.

My heart breaks that you have had to experience such a painful childhood.

But my heart is touched by the fact that you were able to feel true happiness that

day. A moment to cherish for both the world and yourself.

Thank you for posting this today. Happy Memories! :) xx

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MrZee in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora1

Hugs to you. And you’ve made that little boy inside me very happy 😊



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Agora1 in reply to MrZee

You wrote that just beautifully MrZee.

I was drawn in the moment I saw your post.

Might you have missed your calling in life as

a writer? :) xx

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MrZee in reply to Agora1

What a nice compliment. A lot of people tell me to write. I have 9 novels in my head. Perhaps someday I’ll sit down at the keyboard and type away....

Hugs. ❤️

I absolutely love this!!!! Thank you for sharing ❤️

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MrZee in reply to

My pleasure. And thank you. ❤️

Thankyou for sharing that amazing moment. Im so sorry for all the bullying you had to endure, especially hurtful when from family. I read one of your replies here that you have 9 books in your head! I dont know you but feel I know pieces of you from what you have shared in this group. I can tell you are a very intelligent, creative and caring person. What kind of novels would you write? Maybe you need to give writing some more thought and quit depriving the world of what you have to offer💜. We are patiently waiting🌝

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MrZee in reply to

Hi Hoski,

Thank you for the supportive reply.

Being that I have ADHD, the challenge of sitting still is a big one for me. I’d love to write the books yet I wish I had someone that would write them as I’m walking back forth telling the story/ies.

I love to read a lot of fiction, especially romance novels. The main plot of my books is someone with low self esteem meets someone that gives them love and encourages growth and so on.

Living with ADHD, I do my best thinking in motion. That is I have to literally be moving (walking, etc.) for my mind to function at its best.

Most people with ADHD usually say, “I have to be moving to think.”

If there is a day I meet someone that loves to sit still and type while I dictate in motion then the books will get written.



in reply to MrZee

That is understandable. Ive been told I have some ADD, so reading is sometimes a challenge, especially if the book is overly detailed and complex stories within stories. I hope the day comes for your new career path.

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MrZee in reply to

Guess what, I’d say most people have it. And yes it’s a challenge. But it’s treatable as well. 😊

What a lovely post MrZee! Thank you for sharing this and I hope you have felt elated many times since then. x

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MrZee in reply to hypercat54

I truly have, hypercat54.

Thank you, you’ve made my day :)

❤️ -MZ

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hypercat54 in reply to MrZee

Bless 🙌💖 xx

How momentous for you and all of us sharing your experiences...fantastic!

Well said, Mr Zee.

Hey Mr. Zee. love what you posted

Nowadays I would think that if you wanted to make a book you can record it Verbally and have someone type it out for you check spelling etc. you could be active at just about anything and record your story. And I’ll listen to it as an audiobook :-)

Thank you. What lovely compliments 😊

Breathe taking!

Waiting to read those books!

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