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Escitalopram-5 weeks in!


After a pretty rough first 2 weeks of side effects ( I nearly gave up after a week!) I thought I’d let people know that I’m really feeling good with no side effects. Sleeping so much better, no waking up with nightmares (haven’t had any since day 1) to the extent that I have decided that I am needing to set my alarm clock as slept for 8 hours last night and was late for work!!

The little irritations that were previously really becoming overwhelming and making me unnecessarily angry have pretty much gone so I’m no longer ‘sweating the small stuff’. I take the meds (10 mgs) at lunch which seems to be good for me and I’m no longer waking up with that horrible feeling of dread.

Overall the meds seem to be good for me but it has definitely taken a good month before I started feeling comfortable and relaxed that the meds are of benefit.

I don’t think there is enough warning given by GPs (certainly in the UK) that you’ll feel worse before you get better! Just my take on my experience. I hope it helps 😊

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Hi s_l_f sorry to hear you've had problems with your medication I think you gave up to early the medicine takes 4-6 weeks to Stert working and if you had went back to your doctor they may have asked you to persevere and also the side effect don't affect everyone so the doctor wouldn't know in advance if it would affect you and as I guess you stopped them without seeing your doctor you couldn't blame them good to see you've got it sorted!

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Hi there! I think you’re reading a different post! I haven’t given up and after a shaky start I’m doing very well after 5 weeks on the escitalopram! 😊

s l f, need I say more ?? Good Job :) xx

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😊 Hope you are also doing well! Thanks x

Glad you are doing better

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Thanks bonkers65!

Each day I am improving in the main but with slight morning anxiety/butterflies still occurring. 😊 xx

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