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Health Anxiety


Hi all,

Does anyone here have health anxiety? I constantly am googling symptoms and it just leads me down a dark path. I can’t help it and I want to stop! The latest thing is a tingling sensation in my toes, almost as if they have fallen asleep. It’s been happening for a week now. I’m not sure if I can attribute it to standing on my feet all day long last week and holding my 20lb baby or wearing tight shoes. But I’ve found thanks to google, it could be diabetes, infections....sepsis....I’m just spiraling out of control with worry. My husband said to give it a couple more weeks.

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If I were you I would stop googling as you can get false info and it can wind up up so your Dr. if you have questions as to what is going on.....this way you won't get so panicked.....I wish you all the best...

Dump trucks of love, peace, light, joy n hugs for you!!!

The question should be: is there anybody here who doesn't have health anxiety. If anxiety is telling you lies then go tell your doctor your fears. But when he or she says: "You definitely dont have diabetes or sepsis" you MUST accept their diagnosis.

You can't cure yourself of an illness you don't have no matter how hard you try.

Google can tell you whether your symptoms need to be checkout out by a doctor, but that's it. When I'm not sure what to do about my son, for example, I try and imagine the reaction of an overworked health care provider. Not to belittle you, but if I called the pediatrician's office and told them his toes were tingly and asked whether he should be seen, they would 100% say no.

Thanks. I mean I have no history of diabetes, cancers or tumors in my family. I just need to calm down, not google.

Dr Google? No, not reliable information. Certainly not a good idea if you are anxious about your health. It is too random, not a personal analysis about what is going on with you, your medical history, lifestyle, circumstances, genetics etc.... Leave well alone. Make an appointment with your own GP and have a general health check instead.

I have health anxiety. It is all consuming. Everyday I fear something. I spend so much time online trying to convince myself I'm ok. I wake up terrified, I go to bed terrified. That fear in itself will cause symptoms. The only thing we can do is distract ourselves so we don't think about it too much.

Just to add, don't google symptoms. It will only add to your anxiety. Keep up with your yearly checkups and accept what your doctors tell you. Count your Blessings everyday.

It’s so hard to stop googling symptoms, I know I should. I have a general physical today with my GP and will ask about my tingly toes! Hope it’s nothing!

I’ve been there and still do the same thing!

I turn simple symptoms into major catastrophes, and let fear take over which sends me spiraling into panic mode. I’m too scared to go to doctor, because while I know it’s just anxiety, I’m sure he’s going to tell me I’m dying. The best thing for me, is to distract myself.

You gave 3 reasons why you’re toes are tingling.

Listen to your instincts instead of letting anxiety tell you terrible things are happening to you.

I just got back from the doctor. She said I have tendinitis in both feet and that the she’s I’m wearing are too small. She told me to do some stretches and ice the tops of my feet. I told her that I googled the symptom and she said let me guess, it said diabetes and MS! And that’s what I found! For now, I’m ok!

So glad to hear things are o.k.! Google can be our best friend and our worst enemy!

Dear Chihuahualover123,

One of the best things my doctor ever told me was, “Stay off the Internet when something ails you and make an appointment to see me. Then we can go from there.”

Before she told me that, any big or little ache or pain I got, I’d run to Google for answers. And as you may have surmised, many of the Internet’s diagnoses usually lead to “cancer.” That totally would flip me out like crazy.

As I age (almost 61 now), aches and pains can happen more often. Yet I stay off the Internet and turn to my doctor. If she can’t figure it out, she’ll refer me to a specialist and then it’s taken care of.

I’m still a hypochondriac like many others are. But for the sake of my sanity, I refrain from ‘Google the Witch Doctor’ and seek my own doctor who is a bundle of TLC.

Good luck and I’m sure seeking the right medical expert can help you with your condition.

All my best,


My current health makes me depressed. I think if you could break the habit of going to the computer and maybe pick up your hobby of choice or do your computer hobby instead of your symptoms. I don’t know how old you are but if you stand all day that’s a good reason your toes would tingle. If you’re a little older you may need some B vitamins daily. It would be nice if you had a nurse at your docs office to just run things by. I’ve been in healthcare 30 years. I find that google is a good guide but it rarely lists all the simple issues. Doaty, RN, BSN, Neuroscientist.

Yeah don’t google stuff I find causes me more health anxiety. I have it major from them missing stuff 4X. In the end I got ptsd. But now I google everything and I screw up my reflux terribly from doing something it said online so bAd bawl my brains out from the inflammation. My case I know is not normal what I went through. Try breathing exercises and it’s not a joke you do it several times a day every day it will help 5 count into belly hold count 5 out count of 5. Also try using a tennis or lacross ball on those feet. Your anxiety causes lactic acid build up ads to it I know I have it so drink lots eat low acid and move. Try the ball and leave google alone. It screwed me over lol I nave to learn to let go of the past experiences. To live get better.

Thanks. I have been drinking a lot of acidic beverages as of late. I should cut down and see if that helps. I wish I could just listen to my dr and not google!

Lol! Step away from The Googler as my Pops says. 😁

Breathing exercises are definitely a great idea. I do them daily. Physically and mental health is made better. I’m doing Ayurvedic breathing now. It’s hard but my memory is improving. You can find different types to follow on YouTube or CDs.

Thanks I’ll try it

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