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Last day at my job.


Today is the last day working at the shop I've been at for 20+ years... bitter sweet. Been unhappy for along time & to be honest outgrown it. But it has been an easy familiar routine. Luckily I am leaving here with my head high & no anger. I am I start the receptionist job Monday... anxious, scared, etc about it. Meet with my brother yesterday at the office... they have high expectations for me, I am going to learn a lot... he knows I can do it & says they all know I have to learn. The owner really values learning & growing with the company. Which freaked me out... but trying to tell myself my brother is on team Mel, knows me well, so trust him...

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Good luck with your new job. Sometimes change is good and for the better.

Thank you. Yes it is... it's apart of growing....which is good. 😊

Hi Mel , everyone who starts a new job has to learn ! That is what is gonna keep you motivated ! ;)

Good luck on Monday ! Change is scary but good 😉

🙋🏼‍♀️ Foxglove. Thanks. Yes, & not letting the little brother down. 😊

Bestest wishes Mel hope things come good for you 😊🐕


one chapter closed and another beginning.....congratulations Mel.....and if you're interested ....they have on-line courses for Word, Excel, etc..... I took courses at a junior college but did everything online...even the quiz's and tests. You are going to do great and having your Brother there to have your back is awesome.....I'm proud of ya women, that's a big change in your life and your going for it.....your an inspiration.....

melbrown in reply to fauxartist

😊 Thanks Fauxartist. I'll look into the courses... been awhile since done computer courses. Not a tech person at all... On my way to second day of the new job... been hard on myself... super tired... going to try to be a little easier on myself... this all takes time... Love you hun 💗

fauxartist in reply to melbrown

It will become like riding a bicycle....and the courses in 'Word' and all that are just grammer, and a super great spell checker.....nothing but a tool honey. Once you get comfortable and know what's expected of you, things like the on-line stuff can just be a way to get better pay and make your job easier down the road. Take your time, you got the job, now you need time to learn whats what, best wishes Mel.

melbrown in reply to fauxartist

Thanks Fauxartist. Got through my first week... learning a lot, trying to adjust to the big change. My brother assures me I'm doing a good job, hope I'll feel I am soon. It does feel good to have him cheering me on. A friend, who is also an ex coworker, sent me a lovely note & bracelet she made. It's nice to have so much support... big hugs hun.

fauxartist in reply to melbrown

It's all good have come such a very long way, and you deserve to be happy. I've known you over the months, and you have overcome so much my friend....keep the faith sista, you got this..... :)

Best to you Mel!!!!!! ❤️

melbrown in reply to Starrlight

Hugs Starrlight 💗💗💗

Starrlight in reply to melbrown

❤️ ((((((((((((((((Mel))))))))))))))))) ❤️

Hi Mel you worked in a shop for 20 yrs - well I imagine a lot of your daily tasks became routine but I bet you play down how well you dealt with difficult customers, the competing priorities of stock control, customer service, sales etc etc. You will have loads of skills to take to your new role. Having said that it's natural to have reservations when making a change and the intensity of our reactions depend on our backgrounds. Be as confident as you can, be yourself, don't hesitate to say you don't understand something or you want to go over something again. If you are struggling with something it's not a failure it's a training need. Take it easy bet your brother would be hassled to be thrown into a shop for the day. Good luck

melbrown in reply to Nathan53

Thank you Nathan... needed more people to remind me of this 😊 Kept expecting myself to be perfect yesterday... forgetting it was my first day. Hope today I can be easier on myself.

You are right, your brother knows you best and he knows you will be great.

Congratulations on your new job. 🌼

melbrown in reply to AuntHelen

Thank you.💛

That's one beautiful sunflower Mel, you're going to do great sweetie, we're cheering you on, keep us updated for tomorrow

😊 How did I know you would like it? My ex coworker got it for me. My first day was yesterday... I kept getting upset at myself... expecting myself to get it all perfectly... my brother kept reminding me to breathe. Hoping can be a little softer to myself & get this all soon. 🤞

Lol i loved it. You're just getting started don't be so hard on yourself, you're a smart hardworking woman you got this hun, deep breaths

Mel any update on the new job, how’s everything going how are you

Still good for most part... plus seeing my brother more is good. There are some not so fun moments... mostly because others being "special", but that's typical. Also not a fan of getting up early 😅 How's your new job going? How's Spidey?💗🌻💗🌻💗

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