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Trying to let my sadness out


I'm trying to cry but all I'm getting is pressure from my head like instead of the tears coming out it pressure hurting me more my tears won't come out my emotions feel stuck I'm scared it hurts when I'm trying to cry I think tmj is a night mare for me because I'm not treating it right I'm bad at it I feel like a little girl hopeless I'm scared that I can't cry I'm scared how the top of my head feels unbalance when I rumbed it from the back to front ugh I'm a disaster I swear I'm a huge mess especially when it's my whole head ☹️🙁

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I think it is fine that we don't have actual tears at times. When I'm upset I hold a lot of tension around the bottom of the back of my head. But this sounds like the stress of trying to cry is building up pressure? Time to relax and try as hard as you can to think about something beautiful, or good, or comforting. Sometimes I even just google for the images of something I really like, such as butterflies, or galaxies, or laughing faces. I actually have probably 40 laughing faces on my phone that I flip through when I really need to get out of a funk. A long bath might be nice, too.

I'ma try the funny faces on my phone see if it makes me smile lol just I was so scarrd thinking stress gonna build up because tears was coming out though something bad was gonna happen 🤦

I read back and see that you have been dealing with TMJ and that pressure in your head and ears. Now I understand why it could be so scary. I hope the laughing faces help you as much as they helped me. Here is a picture of laughing ladies that I love:

Try music

It helped 2months ago then it stopped helping me because my emotions became really depressed after my puppy died and I tried listening to music after all that happened and I couldn't feel happiness again ugh I use to love music with all my heart it gave me hope and I guess I only have tiny bit of hope at this moment 🤦

I know how you feel, hope can be really hard to hold onto when there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight. There usually isn't ever a perfect solution. You can make it though, you're probably stronger than you give yourself credit for. This sucks and it's okay to feel weak at times, just know that you're not alone. Stay strong, I believe in you.

Thank you 🙏

Me too. Im an old dead beat disaster. No one could or can love me. I’m finjshed with life.

I been through a lot I do feel dead but I would do anything to feel alive again we shouldn't give up even when it get really rough for us 😟

Maybe it's not tears that need to be released at this time, could it be more of a scream, a shout, a few naughty swear words that more ready to be released

I also find blowing all my negative emotions into a stone n throwing it into the sea....or a river so they carried away. That helps when it difficult to shout n scream as people around.


You will be fine and recover! Trust me I know it's feels like Hell ,but it levels out eventually. The symptoms will be repeated over and over along with new ones. I've been already again last week suffering afraid to sleep, that is die asleep, so I kept myself up. It's just our messed up minds. The reason that anxiety and Depression Symptoms are so severe and scary, is because we are in a different state of mind, or reality which is what we will experience. Not a Rational one! The irrational anxiety-mind, has taken over 100%. It's why it's so hard to come out of it. Hormones are strong and hard to battle! Keep positive and give updates ok! Hang in there. You can do this! 😁🤗👍

Some people don't need to cry unless the stress builds up to a certain personal high level. Maybe that's the issue here. You want to cry but your body and mind are saying crying is not needed now. Don't force it. It's a natural emotion.

Of course you are afraid.

I was always known as the person in the family who would melt down with emotions and cry. Then Anxiety Disorder came to live with me. Talk Therapy has helped me to face various parts of my life where I cried and I cried while others judged my ease of crying.

I just don't want to hold in my emotions and I'm sad and I just can't cry it scares me cuz my face And head feels tight and sore

The best I can say is what my Therapist tells me.

She says to concentrate on living life. Obsessing over one area creates an imbalance in the life. Give every area some attention. Distract the emotional blockage by enjoying other areas for right now.

Have you concentrated on the Spiritual, Physical, Social, Creative etc. sides?

Set your mind and go for it. Give it a try to test the waters!

By asking us for help it shows you are on the right path to a solution.

I just feel like my head and face is so tight I can't close my eyes and cry out my emotion all I get is a twitch eye 😞


I have anxiety and am on antidepressants. I find it very difficult to cry as well. I used to cry very easily at a sad film or book etc before I got anxiety but now find that I can't really cry. I sometimes feel the tears pricking in the back of my eyes but no tears actually flow. Once or twice I have cried just a very few tears and did find it a relief so I do understand how you feel. However I think that worrying about it will not help. It will be the worry rather than the lack of tears that will cause the tension in your head. I do not try to cry or let myself worry about it although I would prefer it if I could cry. I feel very well generally and have fully recovered from anxiety and depression.

I am going to start some counselling in a few months time as I have unresolved childhood issues and feel this could help to release my feelings.

Are you on antidepressants at all, I have heard that this can make it difficult to cry?

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had this experience while on antidepressants also.

My very best wishes.


Crying doesn't come easy, I know it is for me. I feel like I want too that I need it. Maybe quit focusing on wanting to cry? It will come

I hear and feel the same eay

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