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Social, and public meetings anxiety. Yesterday, !!


Well I had social anxiety and fear for 47 years. There was a public meeting at the local town hall about my football team, who ive supported from the age of 11. The club is faced with liquidation, the meeting was about how we can save the club for future generations. But usually I would shy away from going due to anxiety, fear, phobia etc you name it ive had it ! So I said to my fears we are going so shut up. The afternoon before the meeting all the fears were at me trying to get me not to go !!! But I went got there 1 hour before it started, well I walked in low and behold, reporters, TV cameras !!! anxiety goes threw the roof, shall I bolt for the door and run was the thought !! shut up fears I said we are staying, So I sat down waited 1 hour, the meeting was just going to start, over 300 people packed into the room more on the balcony. So its tense with whats at stake the future of the club plus my social anxiety. Ive told the fears to shut up about 100 times by now !!. Then the BBC TV camera comes and parks itself 2 feet from my head, anxiety goes threw the roof, then the well known BBC reporter stands 1 foot away from me with his microphone in his hand by now the fear anxiety is of the scale, So again I said fear shut up we are not moving. ! So I got threw the 2 hour public meeting, I didnt bolt for the door I won fear lost ! I did it for all of you on the forum not me. Ray. It can be done !!!!!

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🌻👏👏👏👏 way to go gerrerd im proud of you, you stood your ground you did great

Thanks petal x

You rock!!!

gerrerd in reply to Dolphin14

rock and roll xx

You persevered - well done!!! 👍🏼😊⭐️🏆💐

gerrerd in reply to JLoInCali12


You are a very inspiring person indeed!!! X well done, that's a massive achievement and it brings us all hope and joy to read your post 👍

gerrerd in reply to Michdau1

Thank you xx

Wow that’s awesome! Keep up the good work

gerrerd in reply to pink83737

will do x

Awesome gerrerd congratulations on your major accomplishment

gerrerd in reply to 9everton


Congrats, this is so inspiring!!

its is thanks

Very well done. What an achievement! You can now face anything knowing you can cope with it.

gerrerd in reply to Ragdoll15



Great story! Thank you for sharing. :)

gerrerd in reply to Hidden

Thanks xx

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