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New ADAA Blog Post: What to Do to Fight the Isolation You Feel When You’re in Distress


"As a clinical psychologist and a researcher, I often hear patients and friends tell me how isolating it feels to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Our human nature does not prepare us to strive without deep, meaningful, and fulfilling connections to others." ADAA member Sarah Bloch-Elkouby, PhD authors this blog post on what to do to fight the isolation you feel when you're in distress.

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Excellent blog! I think everyone needs to read this.


How I’m feeling right now

I understand. I used to beg God to take me and give my years to someone else. There are so many young people snuffed out in the world...let them have more time to be happy since I’m not. 😞

But it doesn’t work like that. I’ve recently been begging God for a “Do over”. Not happening either.

I agree with the reply that someone has done this to you. Maybe in your childhood? I have no self esteem or confidence in myself because my mother told me I was so dumb I would follow someone jumping off a bridge. She questioned every decision I made. So here I am, she’s dead, and I’m trying to handle things as an emotionally immature adult . Too late. Broken since childhood. No one cares.

People can really mess your mind.

Yes, grown men cry. They hurt like anyone. So cry. No one here is judging you.

Self hatred is something I have as well. I guess I’m really not that bad but I would find it hard to find one quality about me I like.

This is the part of the reply where medication and therapy is mentioned. You have to get to the bottom of your hate. There must be a reason for it.

Keep talking to us. If there is a friend you can count on, talk to them. I’ve broken all mine😁

Lean on someone. We all have to do it some time.

matgrg in reply to Spaz119

I will talk to you. I understand, and have depression, and anxiety also. Nice to chat with someone who really knows how you feel.


If you leave where will you go? If u feel suicidal if u don't know why then will you regret not getting help. I am sure you are a loving sensitive person who cares and if you can get support then you can spare the devastation of people who love you and help other people who are experiencing the same feelings. Your mind may be playing tricks on you and you may be reading a situation wrongly . . If it is a broken relationship then may be it can be repaired. We all make mistakes so when in doubt do nothing. Sleep on it and may be you will be able to work things out. Take care.

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