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I feel hopeless, my social anxiety is making everyone dislike me


I just made everyone feel awkward today, the day was going so well until I felt really anxious at the end of the day. I juat ruined it, I’ve done this so many times I feel so low. I don’t know how I could show my face again at work. Everyone has been nice to me and I ruined it. I’m to blame.

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Hi itgetbetter, I relate to this post so much. I often get so in my head about what people think about me and how I come across to others when I'm talking. I start to think everyone else has something I don't. I think a lot of people have insecurities, but what makes it even more difficult is managing that with mental health issues. I'm with you. The only thing I've found that's helped me is working on how I talk to myself. Often the voice in my head is negative and amplifies things. I've been doing therapy to work on self-talk and I love it. The hardest thing to work on is being kind to ourselves, but I hope you do. Here for you :o)

Thank you. It’s just another set back, I’ve been practising CBT in my own and it has helped me a lot in certain situations but sometimes I get mentally drained at the end of the day it’s hard to apply cbt and it just spiral down from there, but I hope once I finally get my face to face therapy then I’ll be able to manage it better. Best wishes :)

Hi !!

Sorry you are feeling like that .

I used to feel so embarrassed about my anxiety but I have had panic attacks in so many places that I learned to just let people know what was going on and I also stopped feeling ashamed of my mental illness !

I have got a lot of positive feedback from people !

I have had panic attacks at yoga , church , a classroom where I was teaching ( many times) , grocery store , Zumba class , dentist etc

Like Nyx_Hera said , try to change the dialogue in your head ! Don’t be so hard on yourself !

Good luck ❤️

"I learned to just let people know what was going on and I also stopped feeling ashamed". Yes! Super empowering. Thank you <3

Thank you. Sometimes it just gets so hard to see that theres a future for me. I think I’ve reached my lowest points this past and current year that I can’t get any lower, so the only option I have is to really try to help myself by finally getting therapy and regualr exercise to help. Good luck to you too 💜

I have plenty of bad days ! I really do ! Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s !

Keep moving forward and trying new things to help you have joy in life !

Good luck to you too ;)

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