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Anybody out there having anxiety at this time


Hello I am currently having a lot on anxiety cause I feel everyone wants me to isolate and not be around. I called my local crisis line and they sounded like they were in a bad mood and didn’t want to deal with me either. So now I am lost and need to make it mentally before my therapy appointment later today. So that’s how I feel right now and need a little support to get me by.

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So sorry you are feeling this way. Others will be feeling the same. I have had times like that and I have now recovered and life is great, even better than it was before I was ill.

You are really brave to be going to a therapist and if you take small steps each day you will get there.

My thoughts and good wishes are with you.


Sabbath_Star in reply to Kkimm

Kkimm: thank you indeed for that affirmation. I know I will be well and safe. I know I do have my issues with social anxiety and I do work hard on that. I just want to feel better like you said I need to not rush things show patience and slowly I’ll improve day by day. Thanks indeed again glad I have this support channel to share my thoughts and concerns

Hi :) Just wanted to assure you that it’s not life threatening and you are not in danger. I know it sounds trivial and probably so many people told you that. I have heard it so many times from different people... But it is true. Now when I have a panic attack or extreme anxiety I just tell myself “ ok:) it’s ok:) there is nothing to worry about... it comes and goes... and this one will go too... “ I put something cold ( like a wet cold face towel on my neck or on my face and it helps:) as soon as I put something cold, the panic starts to disappear..

Just relax your limbs and breathe slowly . Don’t be scared ... I know how uncomfortable and even terrifying it can feel but it’s just an evolutionary response of our body .

When you explain to yourself that there is nothing wrong with you, you automatically start calming down.

I am not talking here about anxiety you might have on a daily basis ( like your job etc)... I am talking about calming your panic attack when it happens.

Feel better. Never give up:)

enigma777: I know what you mean on these positive coping strategies that you suggest. I know the fact that our best therapist is our selves and I feel shut out by my local crisis line it’s their loss for being the way they were. So I will probably read a self care book which is the best I could do. So I will make it eventually and so will you. Cheers

Deep breathing.

Cold glass of water

Think if something else


Slowly breath

Sabbath_Star in reply to Inclove

Inclove: great suggestions. It’s been a long night for me so I think I could try some of these (especially thinking of someone else). Thank you very much indeed for those

The crisis team are paid to help you, what are they there for?

Sabbath_Star in reply to ward146

ward146: I believe truly that it was just how they were acting so it’s on them. I know that I am worth more and just need to keep myself intact and not let it bring me down or even bottle it up inside. Thanks in huge part of this support channel, I am grateful that I could get things off my chest on how I feel. Thanks indeed for your support

hypercat54 in reply to ward146

I rang my local crisis team once. Only once as they were very off with me and said they had more people needing help. I came away feeling worse than when I rang them. I would never ever call them again. x

hypercat54: I know how you feel. Somedays they are beneficial but could be tricky and shady to people like us. Being shut out ain’t a good feeling. Us people we need to be as one and not be as stigmatized all the time. So I thank you very much indeed b careful and safe.

I didn't see it as being shut out but as not being fit for the purpose. The chap said he was the only one on duty and was very busy. Ok it was at night but that still doesn't excuse it. x

ward146 in reply to hypercat54

I think it's wrong treating vulnerable people this way. If they can't help, they shouldn't be in the job!

hypercat54 in reply to ward146

I totally agree. Having said that if the poor guy was on his own that is disgraceful! x

ward146 in reply to hypercat54

Yes true. I don't think the health services fund enough money into mental health to supply adequate staffing.

hypercat54 in reply to ward146

I am sure they don't. x

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