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New ADAA blog - Escaping the Web of Anxiety: The Most Effective Treatment for Anxiety Disorders - by ADAA board member Ken Goodman, LCSW


What is the most effective treatment for anxiety?

The gold standard for the treatment of anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapeutic modality has been empirically validated with research as the most effective treatment for all types of anxiety disorders. CBT is a therapy model that focuses on our cognition, the way we think, and our behaviors, the way we act. Our thoughts about a situation (a huge deadly spider) effect how we feel (afraid) and how we behave (avoid the bed). We tend to assign meanings to specific situations and the things that happen in our lives.

Most often it’s not the actual situation causing our anxiety, but the meanings we attribute; accurate or not. In our example, meanings have been assigned to spiders. It isn’t the spider causing anxiety; it’s the meaning assigned to the spider. When you suffer with an anxiety disorder, thoughts are given a lot of meaning, are taken very seriously, are repeated in the mind, and therefore have a lot of power.

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Yeah ok ken if you say so


Sorry but I have to disagree. CBT doesn't get to the roots of anxiety or depression. I was sent on a CBT course for depression and it did nothing for me at all. The NHS use it because it is cheap and so called measurable. That's why they love it and some areas only offer this. You can't measure mental health on a scale like you can physical health - despite the efforts to do this. I learnt nothing as I had taught myself CBT anyway without knowing what it was many years ago. The only type of counselling which ever helped me was talk therapy.

Having said that it might help a small number of people and good luck to them. In the UK this is the first type of treatment patients are sent for and you have to jump through their hoops to be able to access more appropriate treatment. I don't know if it is different in the USA or maybe it is more comprehensive there. x

Gold standard ......snake oil more like

Yes medical authorities love it. The only ones who don't are most of the patients! But who listens to us anyway? Isn't this at attempt to medicalise mental health when it is a whole different ballgame. Maybe the fact that we aren't listened to is an integral part of the failure of this method? x

🤔....yeah .....give me a gold standard diazepam any day of the week 😊...sorry ken ....👎

Lol x

Now that was funny!

Cognitive behavioural b.s.😊....oops sorry again ken dissing your post

I refuse to go to therapy. Sometimes I feel a little crazy and I'm not going to pay someone who may confirm my suspicions :)

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