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Health anxiety is taking over me today !

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Hi everyone !

I started feeling sick on Thursday night , runny nose , sore throat , headache , fatigue , super congested .

Had some bad stomach pain on Saturday but it went away after a few minutes .

Fast forward today , I am feeling better but still congested , fatigue and my throat is pretty red ! Had some stomach pain this morning . No cough , no fever .

I was googling strep throat symptoms and came across a few people who died from complications .

I am freaking out 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I hate that I have no control over how and when I die !!!

I am soooooo angry ! 😡

I know I sound crazy !!!!!! I hate feeling powerless!

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Hang in there !!! You don't sound any crazier than most of us on this site...

I understand the frustration, now a day's everything I feel makes me worry..

I'm just working on not spending my life being scared all the time.

Drink plenty of fluids.. vitimens and let yourself rest..

I hope you feel better soon

Thank you !

It is hard when you can’t enjoy anything or when any news or body symptoms make you feel panic !

It is exhausting !!! know googling is a mistake.

Do you have a minute clinic?

We Walgreens...CVS...Wal Mart.

You should go by and get tested for strep.

I’m a strep carrier. I get it, at least, twice a year. I just take some antibiotics and knock it out.

It could also just be allergies.

I have one just by my house ! I am here now ! Thank you

It is not strep ! I am still freaking out but at least I saw the doctor ! I hate when I get sick !!! Thanks again ❤️

Hi I have been feeling like this for a few days now. I have a cold though and I bet you do too. I had the killer sore throat first, now I have stomach pain through coughing my guts up and feel lousy. You will recover. x

I hope you feel better soon !

I am not coughing , at least not yet !!!

Thanks. Well I am a smoker too and have mild lung disease. It often goes on my chest and I need a course of antibiotics and steroids (sometimes 2 lots) to kill it.

I hope you feel better soon too. x


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