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Today's my birthday and no one remembered.


Maybe it's just stupid of me to think this. Technically my boyfriend remembered it and that should be enough for me. I'm still very sad, I made a whole community of people I put my back against and I'd protect but they won't even notice me when I speak. I don't know, I still have no idea how to make friends ever since my old post, maybe I'm just missing something.

It does hurt, it hurts a lot and I can feel a migraine coming up as I type this down. I think this is why I turned my birthday notifs in Facebook off, I don't want some random person to remember, I want someone special like my friends and family but only 1 person remembered. I should be happy right? Atleast someone did remember right?

I don't know if this is my illness or I'm just a big stupid person but I feel like utter trash right now. I just feel so alone again. I just want someone to know that I exist.

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Im so sorry :( happy birthday tho❤

Hi it's not your illness nor are you a big stupid person! Anyone would be upset at family and friends forgetting your birthday. Don't diss your feelings as they are real no matter how unreasonable you might think they are. You have the right to feel the way you do.

I always worry that friends (not family as we always remember each others birthdays) will forget my birthday so I remind everyone coz I like getting presents. Happy birthday anyway and I hope your bf is taking you somewhere nice. At least he remembered. x



hi lets hope you find some peace on your birthday and its one to remember for happier reasons.have a happy birthday take care.

Hey, I would feel like shit if nobody remembered my birthday. I agree with hyper cat, anybody would feel like shit under the circumstances.

As far as you feeling like a big piece of garbage, not being good at life, etc. ... part of that sounds like your depression speaking to you. I just want to tell you, feeling sad that people you care about forgot your birthday does not make you a bad person .

And I probably shouldn’t even say this as I know how empty it may sound – but I do want to say...

!!!!!!!!🎁🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🍰🎂!!!!!!!!

with all my heart ❤️

I'm glad you let us know that today was your special day.

Happy Birthday Froz! Best wishes today and throughout the

coming year. Hugs, Agora1 :) xx

Duuude I have been there - it’s like you remember everybody else’s birthday yet nobody seems to care about your birthday, right? It’s exhausting to give so much attention but not get anything on the receiving end. The best thing I can say is to drop your expectations of people and accept them for who they are. You have a great memory and that’s an awesome attribute. Not everyone is so lucky to remember dates but they are lucky to have a friend like you!

Ask yourself this, in reality, does it make a difference whether you get “happy birthdays” or not? It’s your day!! Enjoy every minute and don’t count on people to lift you up on your special day, you are in control of lifting yourself up. Happiness is already within and you can access it at any time. I know it’s easier said than done but this is your day and don’t let anyone take that away from you - you do you and celebrate in a way that makes you feel special. Treat yo self!!

Ohh and happy birthday 🙃

I’m sorry, Froz. Happy birthday a bit late! I would be hurt if people forgot my birthday.

Hi Froz.

You are not just a stupid person or a piece of trash !

I have felt like that too , so I get it.

I am sorry you feel this way.

I am just some random person but Happy Birthday !❤️


Happy Happy Birthday!😁🎂🎁

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