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Lexapro 30 mg , but still having anxiety / panic


Hi everyone !! 😉

I have a question , I have been on Lexapro since the second week of January and my anxiety and panic attacks are still very present !

I tried Zoloft at last November because I was having the same problem with Lexapro but Zoloft ended up not working out for me !

I started taking Lexapro almost 8 years ago but last year my panic attacks and anxiety came back !

Anyone has had a similar situation ?

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Lexapro made me feel like the walking DEAD! Went back old school to fluoxetine 60 mg. Make sure you get a pharmacy that carries the correct drug manufacturer as THIS does Matter! best luck to you. jewels

That is old school but I know it works ! Thanks ;)

So you have had good luck with Prozac? I've tried several ssri s and have only felt worse...

Thanks and have a good day.

I tried Prozac for only a few months 18 years ago and it was irked great !

Is there really that much difference in ssri meds? I've tried several ssri s and have only felt worse...

Thanks for your time.

I'm on Prozac for anxiety and depression. I think it helps but it's not like I feel suddenly ten times better. It's like on bad days it keeps me in line. I guess it works differently on everyone though. I hope you find something.

Hi there,

Im in a similar situation. Have tried several SSRIs and none went well. Either they werent effective or the side effects were unbearable. Im on Cymbalta now and its ok. I think the only thing that really helps me are Ativan or Klonopin, that I take as needed...which is too often!

Good luck and hang in there!

Thanks !!!


Hey there! Well, I have some good and bad news. The good news is it's absolutely normal for the medication not to work for you personally. The bad news, and what doctors and pharma companies won't tell you is SSRIs are only about 33% effective. This is right up there with the effectiveness level of placebo sugar pills. While they may work, you might be in the other portion that it just doesn't work on. Keep in mind the whole idea of SSRI medicines is to balance the imbalance in your head to normalize brain function (anxiety, panic, depression). The problem with that theory is....there is no way to know what chemical you are deficient or have too much of to "balance" you without cracking your head open to find out. So, yep, it's absolutely normal and I think it drives doctors bonkers when we all don't miraculously recover while on [insert med here].

But let's focus on the positives...there are medicines that work. The problem is most of them are older and thus cheaper since a specific company no longer owns the patent to be the only distributor. Medicines like trazodone, hydroxyzine HCl/pamoate, benzos (which we need to tread carefully with) and many other classes show better or more promise. One of the most important things a psychiatrist said to me was that CBT as a therapy done properly by a therapist/psychologist was JUST AS IF NOT MORE effective as medications. The problem is many doctors believe they need to go up and down the entire ladder of SSRI/SNRI medications like a shotgun bullet....hoping one BB lands and works. Some will even try to combo things like Prozac and Cymbalta to use synergy or as a boost. All told, I have never truly felt much or anything on most. The things that told me they were working were things I didn't want: weight gain, lethargy, and erectile dysfunction. As if we weren't feeling bad already....here's some more fun stuff, ya know?

I recently had a post about a supplement recommended to me by my acupuncturist who is by no means a medical doctor, but she recommended Min-Chex. If you look at the active ingredients, the main one is iodine. It turns out iodine has a lot to do with brain function. The problem with it and having too much of it is hyperthyroidism. I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor before proceeding, but it sounded like the iodine promised much of the same things SSRIs do.....except without all the side stuff....and the fact that it's a natural thing our body needs. I'll let you know if I get the okay to use it and if it improves me. It's available on Amazon and the reviews seem promising, but I take them with a grain of salt (with iodine, I suppose ;) ).

SSRIs , in my experience, do not work for my anxiety. They just seem to make me numb to the reality around me and sometimes make the anxiety even worse. I have tried Zoloft and Prozac. I now just take a xanax as needed. My therapist agrees with me that SSRIs are not going to help me. I wish you luck in finding something that will work for your symptoms. Dont give up as you might find the right rx.

Thanks !! I haven’t tried Xanax but I sometimes take Lorazepam ! I just don’t like the feeling of it ! I feel too relaxed lol

Yes I have tried those as well and have had anxiety attacks in the first couple of days taking them. The only thing I take is xanax. That's the only thing that has worked for me.

Wayne15 in reply to gutierrezk67

I also found Xanax is the only drug that works. Unfortunately The d.e.a. has made getting Xanax almost impossible.have you had trouble getting it?

I used to take only Lexapro for years, but then it lost a lot of its effectiveness. Now I am on Lexapro, Wellbutrin and Latuda. It took quite the journey to find the right combination that worked best for me, but I am lucky that I have a psychiatrist who refused to give up!

Thanks ! I feel like my Lexapro has lost a lot of its effectiveness! I have been on and off for 8 years

Just don't give up. Even if it takes a while ok?

I am not ! Thank you 😊

How is it working now? I’m on Lexapro for a little over a month.

I am still on 30 mg !!! I am doing good . Ups and downs but I am happy that I got back on Lexapro .

I have no side effects and I know it works with my body !!. I don’t think there is a “ perfect medication “ !!

I added other things to my life : yoga , weekly support group , weekly meeting with a Christian mentor and I just found out I have sleep apnea ( even though I am not a middle age man With a beer belly ). My energy has increased 100% since using the CPAp !!! I am hoping it will help with my anxiety . I still want to try CBT since I have some OCD and health anxiety .

How are you doing on Lexapro ? Is this your first time taking medication? What is your dosage ?

Yes it’s my first time taking medication. I’m on 10mg I just increased from 7.5 (one week) and 5 (1 month). I am also doing cbt in group therapy 2x a week it’s more of a class learning coping skills. It’s helping me so far! I feel happier and more calm than I have in months even today I was a homebody and I was ok with it. I’m able to think through problems better. I’m also doing physical exercise 3x a week, gratitude journaling and I’ve started cooking again which I never enjoyed much but now appreciate it because it gives me something to do.

You are doing amazing !!! Love everything you are doing ! It is great that 10 mg is working for you 😊

I also found CBT in group by my house but I haven’t try it yet !

Yoga was never a thing for me but it has been amazing ! I used to Zumba a lot but I started having panic attacks when my heart rate went up . As our mood gets better we find new fun things to do 😉

Thank you! I’m excited for you to try out cbt it’s going to help so much. At first you might be resistant but once you start the journaling and work you’ll realize how much control you have!

Thank you so much. I have sleep apnea too and getting rest does make you feel better however I have to ask my therapist to really help me work on some CBT strategies.

Yes I take 20mgs of lexapro and been taking it for years. It doesn't work like it did at first. I'm presently trying Medical Marijuana. I have a Card. It has been helping taking the edge off. You don't have to smoke. You can get gummies which seem to help me. I so relate to your situation.

Thanks, did your psychiatrist approve Lexapro with medical marijuana ?

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