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Hello, I'm new here and I just want support

Hello, I'm new here and I'm just looking for emotional and mental support. I'm just overwhelmed at my life again. I have been cut off on my medication for the past month just to see what will happen and now I know that was a bad move because I feel awful and I can't even think straight without my mind breaking down on me.

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What kind of meds were u on


I was on Zoloft for about a year.


Can u get back on your meds or change them. Also therapy helped me big time. I'm here if u want to talk.

God bless


thank you for the offer. I'd gladly take it if I get the chance and yes I will ask my doctor to go back on taking meds this month


You r very welcome


Having to wait to be put back on a medication sucks. Especially if it affects your ability to function on a daily basis. Have you tried any alternatives to help ease your mind a bit? Venting might benefit you if you're feeling overwhelmed. Anything is better than not trying at all right?



Yeah haha. Venting does help way more than people think.

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I hope you are able to talk with your doctor soon. I'm sorry that you are feeling this way. I know that medication isn't a fix-all, but for some of us, it is necessary. Blessings!


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