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A little bit about me

He everyone I’m and a 31 year old father one baby boy. I am a small business owner and I have 2 other jobs as well. I never used to have issues with anxiety and depression but ever since my wife left me 4 years ago I have since moved on from her and have a wonderful family. I still struggle everyday just to get through the day. I keep thinking about things I can’t control and about the future and what might happen. I have never been in a group like this before but when I try do describe how I feel to people it’s hard for them to understand what I’m going through unless they have experienced it. It’s very hard for me to talk about this and I do hide it from most people. Thank you so much for reading.

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I have only been on here a week, and so far it’s been way more help than I could imagine. So many ppl going through so many things. Very understanding.

Hope it helps you too.


I'm glad!! It has helped me too!!


Thank you I’m glad it’s helping you!

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Hi Bosox34, it is very difficult to talk about anxiety or depression to just anyone. That's what makes

this support forum work. Everyone on here completely understands what it's like

to live with these mental health issues. I'm so glad you joined us. It seems like you

have a very busy life working 3 jobs. But always remember to take a little "me time"

for yourself. This will be your safe place to come to vent or just talk with others who

can support you. We welcome you because we care.



I struggle with opening up too but I honestly think it's normal. We often fear being vulnerable only to be rejected, judged, abandoned, etc. One thing I'm noticing on here tho is that it doesn't matter who, what, when, where and/or why, we are all living with depression, anxiety, mental illness, disabilities, or whatever it may be. We understand that sometimes it's a struggle just to get out of bed and emotions can hit you out of nowhere. My advice is to take your time on here and explore. When you're ready to open up you know where to turn.



I’m glad you shared your experience here. It’s hard acting like you’re okay when you’re not.

I’m sure your wife leaving gave you anxiety about the future. That’s pretty big can cause a lot of hurt and anxiety. You will get better!

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi it sounds like you have a lot on your plate but make as much time as possible to enjoy life too. The work/life balance etc.

Some on here said 'Live in the past and you live withe regret, live in the future and you live with anxiety. But if you can learn to live in the present you live with balance.

Mindfulness is a discipline that helps you stay in the present. There is lots of info online about it so have a google. x

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