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Had anyone had hypersexuality from Bipolar disorder?


I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder years go but have never been treated. I’ve had periods of depression and gambling, road rage ,drinking, but the worst symptom is my recurring episodes of hypersexuality, obsessing about sex and I get the compulsion to seek out strangers for sex on the internet, dating apps. I have episodes where I spend hours searching for girls to sleep with, particularly teen girls or early 20’s ( always legal age). I spend hours texting them telling them whatever they want to hear to get them into bed, if it requires lying about my finances, profession, or whatever I think will convince them to sleep with me even just one time. I give it to them, treat them like a piece of meat , then move on to the next one. It’s not healthy for anyone involved at all and I need help to stop this.

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Oh yeah, that's a real common symptom. Most of us here have that very same issue. Or maybe I'm mistaken and you should delete this inappropriate post. I think the latter, but what do I know...

VDC1 in reply to ChicagoGirl1961

Sarcasm doesn’t help me, but obviously I expected to receive angry replies from women. At the same time, I do know that hypersexuality is a real and common concern for people with BPD

ChicagoGirl1961 in reply to VDC1

There was no anger in my reply. And after reading your post, I was at a loss as it sounded so outlandish, a sarcastic reply seemed appropriate, (well, more appropriate than your post lol). The subject matter of your post was ok, but there was no need to bed so graphic imo. And I was not aware this was a common symptom of bpd. I did not mean to offend. Be well.

VDC1 in reply to ChicagoGirl1961

It’s okay. Thanks for sharing. Anyone can say whatever they want, I’m not offended. I do understand your point.

This is a safe place to share.... if others don’t agree they shout not comment at all.... it makes me scared to share how I feel

The post did not need to be so graphic for him to make his point, that's why I thought it to be inappropriate. The sentence about giving it the to them and treating women like a piece of meat was a bit much.

I think you’ve been really unfair! I’m sorry you’ve been offended by his post, but this is meant to be a safe, non-judgemental place to post.

I for one think he has been very brave to admit all that on here. Yes, it’s graphic, but why hide it? It’s the truth after all.

Agree to disagree, and you are being a wee bit judgmental yourself, at least in my judgement lol. Have a good day Weegmack.

I was never diagnosed with BPD, but I share that very same symptom :(

VDC1 in reply to scarlet2020

If you think it is pathological you should seek help. It’s more common in women than men and I suppose in some ways it’s more dangerous for women because there’s the added risk of pregnancy

scarlet2020 in reply to VDC1

I know it’s mental. I don’t physically go out and do anything, because of the risks involved, but just thought I’d chime in and say you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. Unhealthy habits are hard to break. I don’t understand your problems exactly but I do understand how intimacy can be used to alleviate pain (for a time anyway). If your bipolar has never been treated maybe you should try counselling? I’ve just started (it’s taken me over 7 years to do it) and it feels like a brave step in the right direction. I hope you can start to break your cycle, I know these things are tough. Good luck!


It's this that makes me think I don't have bipolar, because I hate sex, however you writing this post has me convinced that a few of my ma!e friends have bipolar. They would say and do anything for s ex lol

What you describe is very common. Someone very close to me has bi polar and he’s very hypersexual and gamble excessively when he’s not on his meds. He did the same thing, getting with countless young women to satisfy that urge. Im not sure if you’re on meds but its helped him. Now he’s not as sexual but still needs to curb his gambling alil more. I’m proud of you for being honest and I hope you receive the help you need. This site is supposed to be judgement free but sometimes words trigger. I just take it with a grain of salt☮️

I think you’ve been so brave to admit all that. You say you haven’t been treated though - is there a reason for that?

You’re absolutely right in what you say - this is not healthy for you or the women you seek out. Please get help. You don’t have to live like this ❤️


I so enjoyed your honesty and willingness to change. I have heard that hypersexuality is a very common symptom of bipolar, not just for men but for women too! Have you.considered giving medication a try? I would try a good psychiatrist for the medication part and a talk therapist for counseling. No shame in getting help to improve your life.

VDC1, As a woman I can understand and respect another woman’s less than favorable response to this post. I don’t know her story, but I promise you we’ve all got some unsavory experiences from the way men have treated us. It’s hard not to carry that with us into a story like yours.

I didn’t take your post as graphic. Maybe you *could have been more thoughtful in your choice of words, but I understand it’s often hard to think and write well when emotions are involved. I give you credit for writing so honestly about something you know could be taken poorly. You deserve credit for acknowledging it’s unhealthy and for wanting to improve. You know you need to stop. Ask a professional for help because if you could stop on your own you’d have stopped already, right?

Quite frankly I think some of the replies you have received on this matter have been riduculous!! This is a supportive site and actually the situation you mention is extremely common in bipolar disorder, so much to say that it is actually a symptom of the manic "highs" in so many people; yes men and women

I do not suffer from bipolar myself but was partnered with someone who was . When she wasn't "ill" she was lesbian but when she was manic she would seek out any man at all as actually it is much easier to find a man than a woman in her situation. She had lots of sex with lots of different men when she was ill.

So what I want to say is that it is NORMAL with this disorder to have this kind of "issue" and incredibly common ( I know of many many other people male and female who are like this)

Ultimately the illness is destructive ; of course you know that; so to get correct medication is important not just for morality purposes ( though being honest sex is a two way affair; why do these women allow themselves to be treated like pieces of meat is another issue... they have a choice???? ; I never understand this with women. With men I get it; they are sexually motivated in a very straightforward way; but with women when they are not bipolar or ill generally I just don't get their willingness to be objectified and ( to my gaze) victimised? ; it seems very common; just look at porn; they are not forced to do it but they do it nevertheless; can any of you females ( and I am one) explain why women can be like this? Why do they willingly allow themselves to do these things time and time again????

I digress. To get help for bipolar is good not just for you but for the sake of morality too. Medication generally works to swerve out the extreme highs and hypersexuality and there are many other things with the manic phase which aren't good as you say like the over spending, over everything.... though many say those times are incredibly good they pay the price with the lows. That is life. With every high in bipolar there is a low and both are extremes. It sounds like there is definately a part of you which doesn't even enjoy this high so time to work and work on getting the right combo of meds. In my opinion meds really are the answer in this case.

Gemmalouise xx


Thank you for your post. The detail you’ve given represents the way the bipolar mind works and I appreciate your strength in laying it out as honestly as you could. I have similar experiences as a woman. No gambling, but mine was gaming. Still over spending money I shouldn’t have been. I’ve always bounced back and forth in periods of hyper and hypo sexuality.

(Your initial question is what got my attention and why I clicked) I am actively seeking help and treatment and have been off and on for about 15 years now. More off than on in honesty until the last few years. The reality is I have had several medication adjustments because of the reactions I’ve had to some medications. On some I couldn’t “finish” and I would get frustrated and stop taking it. Others ... no real excuse beyond just not taking it regularly like I should. It’s all a work in progress.

The counseling has been helpful. The more honest I am with my counselor, the better my result. The thing is, one must be willing to be honest with themselves too. Sometimes the reality isn’t very pretty and is difficult to face. The combination of psychotherapy and pharmacology have been helpful.

Something else my GP suggested was a DNA test to make sure I was on the right medication (compatibly) and it turns out I had just been swapped to one that was compatible AND I needed to begin taking a supplement of folic acid and stay away from foods that are “fortified” or “enriched”. I don’t process folate into folic acid. Folic acid affects more than 150 systems in the body and it was worth getting checked out. Since this change, I have been feeling much better. I was able to dial down meds and worked to be more self-aware of moods and shifts.

What you have described in your post are definitely things I have experienced while not in treatment. Obviously not seeking young women lol, but I get the excitement seeking behaviour. The adrenaline that pumps and the almost primal need that needs to be met. Unfortunately, the satisfaction is brief, if at all, and the cycle returns.

Again, thank you for your post. It’s helpful to me to see that the things I feel and experience are manifested in other ways in others and that a person CAN feel comfortable enough to post here. I am always afraid of backlash when speaking out about a sensitive subject. - well done.

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