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Even worse


Well I quit my job today because I'm always sad and it made it hard to work when I felt so uncomfortable but now I'll be jobless and living with a family I hate. I have no close friends I live near. I have a couple people I can talk to bother over the Internet. I hate myself, no confidence, no self esteem, and I'm never happy. I have never had a relationship, never had a kiss, never went to a prom, nothing enjoyable. I'm 24 I honestly don't think my life matters in the slightest, my family sick of me and thinks I only get depressed when I work but no one thinks how it feels to think of killing yourself , having bad anxiety every single day and the little enjoyment I get is playing an xbox. I could go on for a while and I know I make alot of similar post but it's because I just want to die. I'm tired of this being my life and I think death is my only escape

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Llama, please reach out and get help from a professional. I am sorry you are struggling so much. Try to do things other than x box. That can make things worse. Avoiding life will not make things better.

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I started going to a therapist a few weeks ago but I never feel any better

It takes time. Give time the chance. Give yourself a chance. Read about your therapy and participate as much as you can. The work you do there will benefit to your nerves. It will definitely make you stronger and more resilient. Great you’re there. Just give it time.

I've felt this way for so long. I'm tired of waiting. I know me quitting my job will make it worse but me being there made me feel awful

I understand you

What type of the therapy you will be getting?

I don't know the differences

I wish I had one thing to be happy about or to live for. My whole life has just be one sad scenerio than another.

I often feel this way but actually making at least one huge smile, even faking it gives a lot of benefits. Try. Try to change your mindset to positivity!! Fake it but think positive. It will be better. It will be better. It will !!

I try to think positive but then reality strikes again

I feel like there are so many things negative for me in life that I'll never be happy

eHarmony or one of those dating websites....their is someone for everyone....there is another lonely person out there that would love to meet you...seek a companion and your mindset might very well improve. You are worthy of companionship, make it happen! Be well.

Not my only problems but thank you.

Hi there. I used to fight taking any kind of medications, but perhaps some might help to lift you out of the depression, along with therapy. It's not an overnight fix, but I know I need to being bipolar with alot of depression and anxiety and it has helped. Please keep reaching out. I care.

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I know I should try it and I wouldn't mind it but I don't know if ill have a way to therapy anymore. I've never felt close with my family or my mother at all, so today I quit my job and when I told her she said it's funny how whenever I have to do something I'm depressed, which isn't true at all. I've been thinking of dying since I was 8, I can remember thinking how I didn't matter as a kid and I still feel the same. Even as a kid I was sad I just don't think it'll ever change after this long.


I know exactly how you feel. I had paralyzing anxiety attacks every single morning and had to quit my job as well. I want you to remember one thing: you matter. No matter how bad things get, you matter. You're alive. You're not done on this place we call home yet. I know what it's like to lose someone because of this monster of mental illness. It still hurts. I know that not having a relationship or going to prom or even kissing someone is a confidence killer, but rise above it. Fight through it. Find a therapist tomorrow and get in ASAP. Use Xbox Live to your advantage. You said your family is sick of you, but you can have a 2nd family that you get to pick. They may be all over the world, but they're there. Death is never an escape, it's simply transferring your pain to someone else. Don't kill yourself. There is so much life to live. Romance will come. I promise. I thought relationships were a need be, but they were all toxic, abusive and crappy. Then I found the one after all the toxicity and me breaking. You have at some point, impacted someone's life. Take it one day at a time, care for yourself, love yourself. That's fighting the fight. Stay safe. You matter.

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Thanks for the kind words. I don't think I matter, things would be better if I died

Don't give up hope. I would never lie about this. No one is better off when someone takes their own life. I know there is someone in your life that would support that. Whether real life or digital, emotion remains the same. I'll say it again, you matter.

I know it would only send my pain elsewhere but why is it I have to tough it out for others

You've got to be patient with this. Some of us have been suffering for years and you will have good days and bad days. Stay busy, exercise, volunteer: do things that will make you feel better.

I've been suffering for year plenty of years

Llama, I am so sorry for your struggle! I saw you began seeing a therapist, please keep going, it takes months for you to see if it will be life-giving for you or not. Also, perhaps seeing a medical doctor for anxiety and depression, to help you in public situations, or however the doctor sees fit.

For me, I found my complete freedom in my true identity. The knowledge that I was created for a purpose and that depression is an enemy trying to stop me from living in my fullness of that purpose was life-changing.

Also, I found freedom, when I started serving others. Perhaps volunteer in an area that would bring you joy.

Apply for jobs you would enjoy doing.

When I got my freedom and started carrying myself in a different way, people were attracted to me like moths to light. In a very good way. I have new friends and am actually living outside of the four walls of a dark room.

Video games can zap your melatonin, which disrupts sleep and can cause anxiety. I know it is an opportunity to zone out and not think, but maybe consider journaling instead of video games for a season.

I listen to worship music, read the bible and spend time praying.

I have links on anxiety and depression if you are interested but I don't want to 'spam' anyone.

I pray that you have a new passion rise up in you for life, and clarity on how valuable you truly are. You were created for a purpose. You were known by your creator long before this world discouraged you and this season does not need to be your forever. I pray for new revelation in Jesus name!

I wouldn't mine going back but I don't think I'll have a ride there anymore. I can't think of anything I enjoy so I wouldn't know where to try to work. I don't have my license nor a car. I don't have anything in life

That makes it harder to be motivated I am sure, but not impossible. Maybe going for a walk every day, will help you see things with new eyes. Maybe if you don't know what you enjoy 'yet' you need to try new things. Paint, write, etc. My brother is considering video game college of some sort ( I am horrid with knowing the techy stuff ) Because that is his interest and motivation. I am pretty introverted and have an illness I can't work beyond a few miles from home, so I am writing, painting, reaching out to other like yourself, and just exploring what I can do from here. Maybe that is a start for you. What can you do from home? Perhaps your area has rides or transit system for you to get to therapy. There is even online therapy these days!

I know when you are in the mess, it is easy to get tunnel vision. I was there and do understand. But don't stay there!!!

I don't want to stay there but everything feels impossible. I'm tired of living like this an this forever unhappiness which is why I wish I could just die.

I do understand. But I know without a shadow of a doubt you have a purpose. And beyond this moment and feelings, I am believing for freedom and revelation of what that is for you.

Here is a number for counseling referral 855-382-5433 to help more than I can. But I am still here.

Also, some resources to look over: bit.ly/2FvdfG2

Sometimes we have to keep walking and living in the sadness.... to get to the other side of the journey. For example, I hated quitting a job I LOVED to be home because of illness. I was so stinking sad. Oh how I cried and hid in a dark room, but through it all, through that season, I have discovered a journey I am extremely excited to pursue. I never would have had that had I not gone through the mess. I call it going through the mess on the way to success. Cheesy I know but...it motivates me.

I write a blog writing4joy.com. I wrote much of my journey of depression there and what was robbing me of my joy.

Thanks, it's hard for me to agree that my life is relavent but it is nice to have people who know how it feels to be sad.

I truly do understand that. This is why others can believe for you that you are relevant and that you have a purpose. See when in the dark, you don't see with clear glasses. And sometimes someone coming along and wiping them clean gives you a start you need to believe it. I am praying that for you, for you to see yourself as the creator does. Loved and not forgotten.

I don't believe in god, sorry if that bothers you but thank you.

No it doesn't at all. That is your choice. I just know that was my freedom.

You have to tough it out because it's the crappy times that make the good times worth it. I know it seems easier to have a life that comes easy, but the quality of it wouldn't be the same. Think of it as being nerfed in a game. They had to nerf you because you're too strong. All this energy will get used as fuel to get you back in the groove. I know there's something that is your why. Keep going.

I know nothing comes easy and I'm not saying that's how I want it but nothing good happens for me. I'm never happy, just thinking of it makes me sad again. I don't understand why.

Sometimes, I know for me, I was comfortable in my nothing. I didn't want to be sad and depressed but it was all I knew. Then there came a day when I said, I have had enough I want to live. Sometimes just declaring it makes a shift.

For me Jesus was my life saving oh my gosh hello He is so amazing moment. I know not everyone goes that route but that was my YES!!! And even then not always sunshine and roses, but I always knew where my answers were. Where do you stand on that thought?

LOL one time in our life things were going SO bad, that my son was telling classmates at school everything that was going wrong, then the counselor calls me up and asks if my son was making up stories because there was no way she could see that much bad happening all at once. I laughed and said, yep it is..... So I do understand feeling like nothing is working. But now.... Magic :) And I know there will be more seasons of ups and downs. I am believing you will have some ups.

I hope your right but I can't think of one up in my life. I doubt that'll change now.

I don't know a route or if I have one but I do agree that I would like to be happy and change but I've always been sad and I'm tired of trying so hard just to fail.

Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Speak out loud what you want to see happen in your life.

Hold on to that hope.

I'll try but I don't know where to start or how I can get unstuck from my life. People on this site have help me more with this than my family ever have but this is across the Internet and I'm trapped in life.

Speak good out loud. When you hear the lies that you will never see good, call it out. That is a lie, I will see good. I will be glad. I will have joy. I know it seems silly, but eventually, your heart will believe it. Out of your mouth spoken, goes back to your ears, then to your brain and your physical body benefits.

That's a really positive outlook maybe it could work for me

I just read it...it's science ;)

That's depression for you. An endless cycle of feeling inferior and full of guilt. I have had it for years. Along with PTSD and anxiety. I understand how you feel. But you shouldn't ever feel like you aren't good enough. Bad things happen to lots of people. More people are in this war than you and I will ever know. This is why it's so important to break this cycle of bad things happening. It seems it's the meaning of the events are the most frustrating. It's like playing Call of Duty and someone keeps killing you and you can't see them. Depression is a camper. Take new approaches and take it out. Don't rage quit.

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I understand what you're saying I don't know though if life is worth it.

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It is. I promise.

There are chemical imbalances have you ever seen a medical doctor and tried medications? I know people will never and others that it is the only thing that helps. Have you had that option before?

No I was suppose to take a psych evaluation on the 1st but no ride plus I just don't know if it's worth it.

Hi llama00, if it makes you feel a little better, know that I am going though very similar emotions and experiences. I quit my job and am still jobless. I hate myself and have no confidence what so ever. I have never felt so alone in my life. And so much more. When I read your post, I thought maybe we could help each other through this hell hole we’re living through.

I know it’s very hard but just today I discovered a video that gave me some faith and I hope it can do the same for you. It’s call urge to quit TD jakes (watch the 3:21 min video) on YouTube.

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Thank you and ill watch it.

sorry to hear how low you are,things can improve,if you look at ways to help others .I felt like you when younger and had a lifetime of avoiding people.or find some interesting hobby...hope that helps.

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