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Inpatient treatment experience?

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I had a really bad day today. Really feeling like I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel lately. I’m considering going into inpatient treatment but I’m scared it won’t help. Anyone have any experience with inpatient (or outpatient) therapy/treatment?

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It’s wonderful!

acoates, I did choose to go in-patient treatment when I got to the place that you seem

to be at. My anxiety was so out of control because my life was out of control. Medication

and therapy weren't doing it anymore. I became afraid of everything. I told my psychiatrist that I wanted to be admitted and walk into the unit and not wait until I would

one day be brought in through the ER.

I was ready to work on myself. I was willing for them to work on finding the best meds

for me. Feeling secure and safe with 24/7 help all around me, I stayed for 6 weeks. I wanted no visitors, this was my time to work on myself and finding some answers. I

attended each and every activity scheduled each day. There were many nice patients

there but I choose to keep to myself because I didn't want this to become a social event.

For me, it was the best decision I could have made. I walked out of there on new medication at the proper dose for me as well as tools to keep me going forward. I loved

the structure of the floor, that seemed to be an important thing that is missing for most

of us in our daily lives. I wish you well in making the best decision for yourself. Good Luck xx

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acoates in reply to Agora1

Did you find the setting ever made you more anxious? Does it *feel* like a hospital? I’m also anxious about not having my phone or being in touch with family and my boyfriend. 😞 but I know it could be best for me in the long run. What did you bring with you? Thank you for giving me hope!

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Actually acoates, the setting made me feel safe and secure. It doesn't have that hospital setting because you must be dressed in street clothes. You're known by

first name only. There is a structured day but also time in between for some

"me time". Meals are served in the day room 3x a day. We had a choice from a menu.

No caffeinated beverages served. Cheese and Cracker snack in evening. TV in the main day room. Scheduled activity during the day in both learning and coping as well

as music, pet time, exercise. One on one therapist available. Vitals taken morning and

evening. It's true you can't have a cell phone but there are a couple wall phones where family or bf could call you during certain times. It's turned off for meetings

and meal time. Using this time for yourself is all important. I made every minute count and time went fast. As with everything else in life, everyone responds differently

and gets out of it what they into it. I went in with a positive attitude and benefited from what I learned. Good Luck in coming to a decision. I support you. xx

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acoates in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much. I appreciate you sharing

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Anytime xx

Yes, they will try to choose the right mix of medication for what is ailing you.

They also can teach coping skills and sometimes group therapy.

That's how I've been feeling lately... But there is light .. you just have to keep on fighting through.. don't give up. You got this! 🙏💪

HI acoates, It is so great that you are reaching out for help!

People get incredible, intensive help and treatment in the inpatient setting. It can be truly life-changing for many people. I just wanted to mention that sometimes insurance will pay for residential treatment. Very similar to inpatient hospital treatment but the setting is usually more like a home, and it's usually not locked. There are some other subtle differences. Here is a good comparison of inpatient versus residential treatment. It is written for the parents of teens, but it all applies to adults as well:

There are other levels of care that are not as intensive:

PHP - Partial hospitalization programs- usually all day, but people go home at night.

IOP - Intensive outpatient programs - usually 3-4 hours a day.

Then of course there is outpatient therapy. Some people see an outpatient therapist "intensively" for awhile, like 2-3 times a week until they feel more stable.

I cannot say enough about therapy. Therapy with a person you trust and click with is fantastic medicine.

Great big hugs to you!

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acoates in reply to Calm_mama

This is very helpful info, thank you. ❤️

Thank you everyone ❤️❤️

Does anyone happen to know any good places to go in Boston?

Hi, I'm looking for a program that accepts I insurances; are there any in the New England area?

Hey I have been in your shoes feeling hopeless.. I was admitted twice into a inpatient facility a while back ago. And to be honest I was scared my first time going in. The unknowns but to be honest for me it was the best thing that could of happened to me. They try to find the right medication for you. They have counseling which helps so much. They allowed me to talk to my parents, allowed them to visit me. They try their best to make you feel comfortable. So I do highly recommend if you feel no hope, you just can’t see any other way, admit yourself. Sometimes we just need that extra helping hand to get back on track and there’s no shame in that.

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