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Addictive Personality

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Does anyone here have an addictive personslity? I don’t wish this on anyone yet I hate feeling alone.

I tend to go from one addiction to another like cigarettes which I quit in 2015 to help oil and including being very into healthy things as well but even tend to take it too far with those too, like obsessing over weight and cleanliness.

Thank you for any responses You’ve got to be pretty brave to talk about this subject I believe.

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Yes, think I have always had , the addiction has changed over the years xxx

Really? It runs in my family and my father warned me of this when I was a teen but surprisingly this only made me more curious and wishing to steal and drink and be plain rebellious. Now as an adult I am sometimes more ummm sensible? Or careful? but I still suffer with it. I don’t even feel comfortable talking about my latest right now but hopefully you guys are brave; maybe help eachother here. Thanks for responding awesome Florida!

I am addicted to tea, but it used to alcohol, cigarettes and stuff xxx

Nice switch there, Florida!

Yeah I guess some addictions can be good, eh? I tend to find myself feeling shame and guilt though so mine are probably bad for the most part.

Nice photo starrlight,count me in ....everything that’s addictive I’ve done to excess .

Same Alan. Phew 😅 it feels good to admit it.

Haha I gave up caring a long time ago .....😊

Ha! That could be a good thing. I just get myself in trouble... when I decide it’s wrong and I catch myself haha as no one else seems to know or care but me, oh the inner struggle so annoying

🤣stick to photography you can give mrs woods a run for her money ✌🏼

Ha! Yeah that’s a good idea Alan! Love that.

Awww thank you so much ☺️ that is great I will try to see things that way, would be an easier life but you know I really do have to keep myself in check because once I got arrested and once I died and came back obviously 🙄 but uh yeah I take things too far sometimes so I have to be veey strict not to go to far and fall off the edge there.


Mine is food 🍰

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Starrlight in reply to Bird-67

Thank you so much for sharing with me Bird. Food is a hard one because we need it to survive and since it is practically everywhere we look.

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I really think it is about replacing one bad habit with a good one when your mind functions like that. I am working on building a habit to exercise so I can get rid of other unhealthy habits not easy but I know it can be done if you find something you really like to do. Like I know my health depends on me exercising so I have to develop the habit, it is a must. But I have to get rid of the cigarette smoking habit which has been a tough thing for me to do.

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Best to you Needhelp! Thanks

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I think that 21 day thing is just to make us feel guilty!

Hmmm I don’t know 🤔 if I truely do or not 😢 I don’t even know.

Yes I do. For years I was afraid to pack in the ciggies knowing that I would just develop another probably unhealthy habit. Well I haven't thank goodness :) x


(((((((Starrlight)))))) :) x


I agree, Starr! You must be amazing and have great strength to come back from death. Life and love!

I get obsessive with cleaning when my depression is at its worse, literally clean every single part of the house do everyone's laundry until my body's too exhausted then i fall asleep

Oooh I bet you clean so much because the depression makes you think things are super dirty?

Its both, i also do it to keep myself busy so i won't have time to let the bad thoughts in, it keeps me in control. I love cleaning but washing dishes is my worst nightmare lol

Oh my I can relate. When I get manic I can move the most heavy@#* peices of furniture and I spot clean everything in the kitchen for so long and I still will have energy.

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