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Anxiety Back-Stomach Ache

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My anxiety seems to be back to where I'm having trouble eating, my stomach hurts, I feel Hot. I worry about my kids and my financial situation, I went to a job interview that fell through, I've gone through half of my savings, my landlord went Crazy on my rent increase $200. I feel hopeless and scared. I filed bankruptcy last year, so that's going to hurt me credit wise, hard to rent a place to live. With senior housing there's a waiting list for several years. My insurance premium went up, as well as co-payments, $9,000 co-pays if I have to go to the hospital. Looks like NOT a good New Year this year??? Pray for MEπŸ˜–πŸ˜₯ thanks for reading

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Want2B, You certainly have a lot of stress going on in your life.

Like you are being bombarded from all sides. I am so sorry. I wish I

knew the answer in helping you. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

Please continue to use the forum to vent. You need a release of your stresses. xx

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Thank you for your prayers and support. Yea I have a lot to deal with, feels like it's never ending, I feel so STUPID on what I've done financially to pretty much ruin my LIFE....I pray for a miracle. I sometimes wish that I didn't wake up? I Know that seems like an easy way out? But feel like I've let my family down, they'll be better off without ME?

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dearest Want2B, believe me, a family would never be better off without their loved

one. There isn't one of us who hasn't done something in our lives they we regret. However, at the time it may have seemed the right thing to do. It wasn't stupid but

a learning experience. Sometimes, it's more than we bargained for. It's never a reason

to give up. Maybe a miracle is needed, but only being here will show you the way.

One day at a time. We support your emotional health. xx

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Thank you, I know you're right, it's hard to see the positive when there are only negatives in front of you and there is NO support? Hoping for a Miracle πŸ™. I've always tried to live my life the way God wants me too and doing the right thing. πŸ˜‰

Sounds like you've got a lot of big things on your plate right now, I'm really sorry you're experiencing the stress and anxiety of it all. I'm definitely covering you in prayer, that you will have the strength to keep on and the clarity to see which direction to go in all of this. What sort of coping mechanisms do you have in place for when you're feeling stressed out and anxious? For me I have to get some exercise, talk it out, and pray.. I've been reading through some fantastic resources on managing money and unemployment... I think you may find them insightful.. at least I hope you do. If you're interested in them, I am happy to send them your way. Hope you're able to find some rest today.

Thank you so much for your support, I really don't have anything to lean on, if anything my kids make it harder for me, not realizing that I'm getting older and physically not capable of doing to much for myself, they have attitude when I ask for help, I don't think I deserve this, and want to move away from them, then they can see how good they have it? I do blame myself for allowing this. But I'm REALLY DONE. I wasn't the perfect parent, but who is? Like I think I mentioned the bankruptcy is going to hold me back? Thanks for caring for an old lady, Bless you πŸ™πŸ˜‰

You're welcome, that's why we're here :) You're right, nobody is the perfect parent, we're human and make mistakes then we learn from them and move forward. Maybe instead of focusing on your kids not being there for you, focus more on you being there for you..? I can understand how frustrating it all is for you and while I wish I could give you the perfect answer all I can do is offer suggestions and support. Do you have a support group of any kind (outside of the forum)? You mentioned asking for prayer, so I'm wondering if you have a church you attend or a women's group? I've found that connecting with other women in all seasons has helped me gain insight into my life and mindset. Finances totally can get in the way of life; I get that. I want to share a great resource with you on managing finances so that don't manage us.. I've found it to be really insightful. Hope you're doing well today! Take some time to love on yourself because no matter what life throws at you, you're worth it!

Thank you for some useful's not necessarily that im depending on my kids to support me, it's that they create more problems for me that I need help with, they come back with saying things like it wasn't me, I wasn't here that day or she doesn't help so I'm not going too. I'm 64 and cannot handle things the way I use too. I'm looking to moving away from them, they make my anxiety worse. I have found that REAL friends aren't there for you either. We who suffer from anxiety are misunderstood friends and family stay away, they want you too get over it. That's why I ONLY come to this site. I do go to counseling and take medication. So I'm doing the Best I can.

You're welcome. While I don't know the details of your life or what it is your kids are helping with (or not).. maybe you could just speak truthfully to them about where your heart is at right now and/or not ask them for help since it seems to be causing more anxiety.. As a gal who also struggles with anxiety, I really really encourage you to not shut everyone out around you. It feels like the most logical and comforting decision when we're in the midst of an anxiety battle, but I've found it to be the worst decision because then isolation and depression kick in as well. It's great that you're going to counseling! I love my therapist and look forward to seeing him every week, he's been a major blessing for me. We were made to crave personal connections with people, and i'm really sorry that you've had some upsetting experiences. Would you consider seeking out some sort of community group or activity? In my community there's an organization that hosts a women's community bible study twice a year.. so next week I get 7 weeks of connecting with other women from all walks of life. Maybe you have something similar? I'm going to continue praying for you to have clarity over this situation, and peace over your anxiety. Hope you're doing better today!

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