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Out of the blue panic attack?


It feels weird to put this out there in internet land, but, I had what the ER doc said was most likely a panic attack. I was in a store with my wife, when i started to feel weird/off. I got lightheaded, pains in my chest...arm tingling...and was freaking out. I wasn't breathing fast but couldn't really catch my breath...if that makes sense. Went to the ER...and they didn't think I was having a heart attack (i had an echo and a stress test recently that were negative). He said it was a panic attack...most likely from something that happened to me years ago. I want to know...why? Why did I have it...and actually, am feeling kind of that way at work right now. I'm mid aged male, for the most part healthy...no medical issues...why is this happening to me and how can I make it stop?

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The same thing happened to me yesterday. From my experience, panic attacks can not be predicted or stopped. I've have noticed that I have panic attacks when I'm under stress or when something is bothering me. Things that we try to keep tucked away in the back of our minds can even trigger a panic attack. It's really complex. Practicing meditation, clearing your mind of clutter, and staying mentally balanced can lessen your chances of having a panic attack.

I would recommend getting all your hormones tested. Try to see a homeopathic doctor us avail and see about making sure you arent having any problems with other stuff going on like your thyroid or testosterone levels. Good luck. PANIC attacks are the worst. I had my first one when I was like 6 years old.

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