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Hello, I'm new here. I'm 19. I've been battling severe anxiety and depression since I dropped out of college 6 months ago. I might do career technical education, though I'm not sure. I never got a job before and I fear rejection due to lack of experience and social awkwardness. I might have Asperger's. I have severe headaches. I also have diarrhea and feelings of throwing up. I neglect my appearance. I don't have friends or a partner to turn to. Can anyone help me? :(

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Hi there. It’s must to be hard for you specially if you are young and no one to talk to ! But you will get trough as I have I do still suffer but not as much.. the best thing is to do talk your GP and request Cuoncelling the first thing is to do to find out why do you suffer and what is the trigger to make feel you that way. Don’t forget your not alone

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I talked with my mom. I believe that anxiety and possibly Asperger's comes from my father's family. Thanks for the kind words.

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It’s okay we are here to support each other!

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