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Love will conquer


Survived Christmas. I had massive panic attacks through out but with the help and support of my family I am still here and able to contribute. I hope to receive my license in phlebotomy within days and also hear from my county for a work opportunity as a self sufficiency counselor. All good milestones and steps but anxiety and lack of self esteem says it's not enough...I'm not enough... please pray. I love my family so much I don't want to keep projecting these feelings onto them.

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It is really important to remember that you made it through it. Anxiety gets stronger by winning, knowing that the panic will end is powerful information for you. I would get anxious about having anxiety, that is part of the disorder. I worked with Rational Emotive Therapy to battle the disorder, and it has changed everything.

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I have never heard of rational emotive therepy, thank you so much for giving me something to research♡♡♡

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RET was developed by Dr. Ellis a long time ago. Parts of it are often morphed into the better known CBT. RET takes effort and practice, but it is very effective when it becomes automatic in daily life. I combined it with work on acceptance and perspective. The one thing that is important is to learn what it means to be completely honest with yourself and others.

Thank for your posting. This is something I’m currently struggling with. I think the hardest part is the guilt I feel towards family for “putting up” with the constant changes in depression and anxiety.

It is definitely the hardest part but if family truly loves, they will accept and assist you through the struggle.

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