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Things I don't understand

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I just flew home to visit family for the holidays. Things are going great and I have nothing to be unhappy about, and yet still I can't shake the feeling of being alone and sad. I was hoping that being around my family for the holidays for the first time in years would help me get out of this funk or whatever it is going in with me. It's been months since I've felt truly happy, ever since me and my boyfriend broke up I've just been in a downward spiral. I know I should've over it by now, it's been three months but I can help looking back at our memories and all the great times we had. I wonder if I'll ever truly move on and be happy again. I'm just tired of feeling so dreadfully down and helpless.

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this disease of depression lies to us, makes us feel sad or bad when there doesn't have to be any reason at's chemical. So do your best and know that your not alone with this stuff, there are lots and lots of us who do understand.

Hello Friend !*

Having Some Depression Over A Relationship Break Up Is Mostly Normal. Heck, Me & My Wife Separated Probably 10 to 20 Times Over The Years. [ no joke ]. Heck ! Now That I Think About It ? We Even Divorced One Time & Re Married 3 Months After The Divorce. We Just Look At The Second As Not Counting. 38 Years With This Woman & Still Love Her Just The Same. However. Whenever We Separated ?* I Didn't Allow Myself To Just Think About The Good Times Only Because In ANY Relationship There's Always A Flip Side To A Coin.

It Would Have Been Unfair To Myself To Do So. But I Understand Your Feelings Because I've Been Through'em Myself.

Being Home With Family Is GREAT ! But Seeing Family Members With Their Girlfriends, Boyfriends & Lifelong Partners Having Fun & Joy Together Will Naturally Bring Up Feelings Of Sadness Upon A Break Up. Just Think. Although They ALL Seem To Be Elated To Be There ? You Have NO IDEA What's Really Going On Under Their Roofs.

You Though ? You KNOW No Matter What. THIS Is The First Day Of Your Life & YOU Have Options & Freedoms They Don't. Smile & Be Free. Because TODAY You Have Your Choices With No Restrictions.

ENJOY YOUR CHRISTMAS LIKE NEVER BEFORE & Look Forward To Whenever You Get Home. Throw Your Stuff Down, Grab The Remote YOU Now Control, Put On A Flick & Fart Without The Fear Of Offending Anyone !*...LOL...

You're Gonna Be Fine Hun.

But Give Yourself Permission To Realize That If Everything Was All Good Times & Peaches & Cream In The Relationship There Would Have Never Been A Breakup. [ and It's NEVER One Persons Fault ]

Prayers For Ya !~* & Merry Christmas !*

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