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I can’t escape him

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An update to my previous post about my ex boyfriend. I didn’t mention this but I work with him but recently he got a new job so I think today was him last shift. He looks so happy without me and his life is sorted out whilst I’m here crying about him every time I hear of him. He doesn’t need me, he never needed me and I want to be needed by him. He is only one text away and I know we can keep talking like we use to. Is it really worth trying to get him out of my life. Everything and everyone seems to keep dragging me towards all the time and I’m sick of pushing back.

4 Replies
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You need to be Strong, you're in control of yourself. He could be behaving like that to get under your skin? Why waste anymore enrrgy on someone who clearly doesn't want to be with you? "Living well is your best Revenge"

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Lulu02 in reply to Want2BHappy3

He does want to be with me, I just won’t talk to him for my own well being

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That's GREAT that your doing what's best for yourself. You and your kids need a healthy you🎄

“He looks so happy..... his life is sorted out....”. Don’t assume to really know what is going on with him. Appearances can be deceiving! AND, heartache is tough, but if you know he’s not right 4 you, or he wants the breakup..acceptance is tough too. You’ll be a better you if you can learn to slowly move on with YOUR life. Fill it with anything that makes you happy! You’re not alone! Heartaches heal, I promise. AND... there are plenty 🐠🐟🐡🐳 in the sea.

hugs and hugs for you!!!😎

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