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VENT: Stuck in my head during winter break


So i just finished my fall semester, and I'm staying in town for a little while before heading home to my family. Haven't done much except for lock myself in my room and write music, which is really rewarding at times, but comes with its own set of issues. I'm extraordinarily sick of being on my own in the world lately. My thoughts are ricocheting around my head, and I feel like everything around me is slowly sinking away from being relevant, like everything constant in my life is about to leave. But I suppose not many people around me care too much about that anyway. I guess this is kind of a doomsday perspective? Fuck Nihilism. Theres also a warm, but dark feeling in my chest all the time, like my body is cool with doing absolutely nothing and speaking to no one, but deep down I know I should be getting out and living a little bit, and maybe I'm just naturally unable to be a normal human most of the time . AAHH

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