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The state of my mind

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I wake up before the sunrise. I do it to catch a glimpse of the night and witness the transition into daylight. What an awesome sight. Afterwards I take a cold shower even if it's the middle of the winter. The cold is no longer my enemy, it is my teacher. It helps slow down my breathing. It makes me forget everything not essential to my existence or my survival. Slowly I begin to detach myself from fear. I expose myself to things that make me anxious. For example; i am afraid of heights, but I climb the roof to feel afraid on purpose. I haven't made it all the way to the top yet, but soon I will. For now I just listen, analyze, and question my irrational mind and thinking. I study myself attempting to understand me. There doesn't need to be any fear. There doesn't need to be any pain. Can I change perception? What if I choose a new point of view? I've grown tired of the one from down here. How about I choose one that's higher. This identity the years have come to shape can be undone. I believe I can create the best life yet. I have been out of sync with the life of my better self. But there is still time. I won't be the one to carry the burden of living in the worst of the parallel universes. Nah, someone else can do it. I am meant to rise. I am meant to start living right now.

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You for sure have risen. You found the light within yourself and now you see and feel the direction you are to go towards. Your confidence has risen meaning your possibilities and positivities have risen as well. You have become a warrior against anxiety as much as fear. Way to go! 👍🏻😊

Why are you such a beautiful writer???? 💖💖💖 I love it. Thank you for this.

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