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Careworn Angel

She never thought he'd be an addict

Desperately searching for an escape;

Drenched in yesterday's misery

That only fueled his hurt and hate.

She never thought he'd travel

Down a road so dark and long,

She never thought he'd be a thief

Or a liar, but she was wrong.

She never thought he'd be a dealer

Feeding souls the same abuse,

That brought about the worst in him,

But it was left for him to choose.

She never thought he'd go to prison.

Looking forward to a call

From a quiet, careworn angel

Who was beginning to build a wall.

She never thought she'd leave him.

He meant everything to her.

She wrote him one more letter;

The next few weeks were just a blur.

He never thought he'd miss her.

Couldn't she understand his pain?

It was he who wore the shackles,

But her heart was bound in chains.

Despite the pain he'd caused her,

He never thought he'd see the day

When the quiet, careworn angel

Spread her wings and flew away.

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absolutely beautifully written and so very inspiring....if you wrote this about your life's the addiction that is the liar, thief, and monkey on your back....when it's a partner active in addiction....they think of one thing only....their addiction. I know, I've been in recovery for decades and it's still one day at a time. You have to save yourself from them because we cannot fix them or wait in hoping.....wanting....and loosing again and again....definition of insanity....

Wow Ernest Hemingway!

A beautiful message that should be read by every estranged person. It can be too late, maybe today

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