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Here's some help

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I am not going to vent in this post but rather post something that I hope helps everyone.

I am a Muslim and in our stories of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), when he was bestowed with Prophethood and the order to preach Islam, his hometown turned against him and drowned him in hate. A woman used to throw garbage on him, thorns and nails were laid out on the path he expected to take and on the death of his son, he was taunted and mocked. He would stand on a mountain and think about jumping off because he thought he was delusional until Angel Gabriel (Jibrael) appeared in human form and reminded him of his purpose.

What i learnt from this was that God/Allah created us with a purpose. A good healthy purpose to leave a positive mark after our deaths. One thing that kept me going was that I had a purpose; to become a good Muslim. Other than religion, my purpose was to create comfort and happiness, to be a mother and a wife and raise children with good hearts into this world so they could carry on spreading positivity.

Secondly, I started to eat healthy. I'm still chubby because I have a slow metabolism, but now after eating a diet with fruits and vegetables I feel happier and more motivated to live longer. I found myself loving my body more.

I also started giving myself goals: how to bake a perfect cookie, cook a whole meal, clean out my room. I started appreciating even small things: such as the weather being good, having sufficient money and knowing I am in perfect health with no birth defects. That has helped me tremendously.

These are the things that helped me. Oftentimes I relapse but I remember that 8 went through horrible pain but I came out and I came out happier. I know it won't last and I'm determined to beat something that had the audacity to make me think I wasn't good enough.

I hope things get better for each and every one of you. I hope this helps ❤

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You know, when I am going through hard times and I feel like quitting or that it is too much on me; I remind myself that I have a divine purpose and that through my pain someone else is getting delivered or redeemed. Sometimes it takes for me to see someone else's hurdles or situation to realize it is really not as bad as I take whatever I have going on to be. Just 2 days ago I was having such a hard time and I was thinking of calling it quits after my almost 16 years in the Army, then I got a call from a friend that his sister had been missing for 48 hours. I started thinking of the pain and worry this family must be going through, how the mom must be feeling, etc. and whatever had me ready to end my military career quickly became minimal. Being mindful of what could have been is also helpful, and it can help us see the glass half full.

Something that stands out to me of the Muslim Faith ( I used to practice) is- after every difficulty comes ease- this gives strength to carry on a little longer when I’m deeply troubled. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle is another reminder but I’m actually not so sure of this because sometimes people loose their minds so I think they were given too much. Salam

What you say has a message that can reach across many beliefs, and even to those who have no belief system. If we try our best to do just a little each day, that is an awesome accomplishment. Especially, when we want to give in to our depression. Just trying may be a significant accomplishment.

And, you remind us that we can accomplish a lot during the time our depression has let up. And, the depression always lets up , at least some.

Thanks for your thoughts

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