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Off we go for another week!


Hello again my beauties! Feeling good? - Freddie Mercury during a typical Queen concert.

Well, hey there again! Brian here! How's everyone doing out there? Sorry I've been absent a lot, especially last week, but I had a severe case of mental fatigue. It's almost like having a really bad case of jet lag. I was lethargic, lazy, sleepy and could barely put one foot in front of the other. But, I've shaken it off for the most part and am trying to get some energy to get moving! For so long, my life has been stuck in idle while I battled depression and anxiety, and with the end of the year rapidly approaching (psst, only 8 days left 'til Xmas! lol), I really feel like I've gotten a new perspective on life. Of course, having to deal with cancer will definitely shake up a person's view on life, but other things have also helped. Obviously, this site has been a godsend and everyone I've met here has made a huge impact on me. Also really getting into Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has really helped to kind of understand why I feel what I feel and not to judge it. It's neither good or bad, it just is. Kinda feels like having a zen moment lol. It's also got me thinking about the future. 2019 is fast approaching and I want to ease myself back into the community (by that I mean where I live lol). I'll admit, when it comes to being around others in person, I'm still very frightened. I don't know if I'll ever be able to shake that off, but I have a little bit more confidence in myself and I'll be able to handle it better. I also want to get back into the workforce. I need to start earning my keep. But I also know I need marketable skills, which I have none right now (honestly, I don't want to go back and be a cashier at Walmart lol). I've been giving serious thought into going back to college and take classes in computer sciences (or whatever it's called these days lol) so I get a decent job and be able to live where I'd like and to improve my quality of life. So, with all that said...….

What are some of your 'New Year's Resolutions'???

It doesn't have to be anything on a grand scale. Even if it's just going outside when the weather's nice and sitting and enjoying the day. Whatever gets you over that hump is the important thing.

Before I forget, in case I disappear down the rabbit hole again lol, I want to wish everyone here a Very Merry Christmas (or Happy Christmas for those in the UK!) and a better, more prosperous New Year to come! Never forget that you have a home here and we're all here to be supportive to one another!

Well, dinner's almost ready. Be back tomorrow :)

Your friend,

Brian :)

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Happy Christmas to you and lovely to read your update :) x

Right back at ya! 😊

Brian, your thoughts of going into computer science sound right, that’s a passion you can actually profit from, and it sparks your curiosity so you’ll be motivated to stick with it. Ken Coleman has a good radio show on career advice. Jack Canfield’s books are good too. I’m an amateur career coach too if you wanna bounce ideas. Fab idea to stay away from retail/customer service, time for a new adventure!

As for New Years resolutions, you always task us with introspective and insightful inward viewing... I see a lot of self-discipline in 2019... budgets to track spending and throwing out junk, out with the old, simplifying and being grateful for what I’ve got, not envious of a “bigger, better” life somewhere “out there”. This is key. Only we can improve our lives and taking action is the way to get there. Would like to create art and make stuff in 2019. Have a wood engraver and some blacksmithing equipment that may be fun to dabble with. Eat more micro greens!! (I grow them), less processed junk! (have a chocolate problem). Spend less time reading the news (ugh) more time eye to eye listening intently to other humans. In 2019, I want stronger connections with friends and business partners, family and strangers, those here who need advice or just a shoulder to cry on. Connection is what we are ultimately seeking. I’m glad you and me both found this place, and a special connection across the miles!!

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