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These past few months I've cut off all my friends due to them not being the type of friends i feel like I needed at this time of my life. I got a new puppy (aussiehuahua) named Duke who I adore. My boyfriend and I are doing great. He's been doing so well dealing with my depression and anxiety. We have our ups and downs but he's a great companion. I GOT A NEW JOB YALL! i love my new job. I've been here 2 going on 3 months and I make great money and work with great people. As you guys remember, my old supervisor harassed me until i quit my job. Things arent perfect but they are way better than what they were. I havent been taking my zoloft unless i feel mmyself stressing hard. I'm feeling good.

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Oh wow good for you, what wonderful news..I'm so happy for you! Thanks for making my day. Make it shine, love, peace, light, joy & hugs for you!

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