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Start over

How can I make a new email and guarantee that it is not connected to the old one at all

Should I factory reset my phone ?

I don't want to be connected to my old emails at all anymore how do I get rid of them permanently. I need to start over. I'm tired of being linked to my old self.

Pls don't suggest thinfs to like, feel better about myself, I just want to start over and get rid of the past, I can't live like myself anymore, I don't want anyone to know me

Sorry if this is vague. I know it doesn't make sense. I just need a break. I don't want my employers to link me with any of my past accounts. It's one of my biggest anxieties

Please help PLease help

I'm in some kind of manic panicky state right now and I can't talk to anybody

I don't want anyone to think about me like I knew myself

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