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I have been dealing with very intrusive anxiety, centered around my two children (5 and 3) and something happening to them. Specifically, I obsess over one of them being killed in a school shooting. With the Anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook being Tmw I feel like it’s getting worse.

I never really thought medication would help, bc I don’t think this is due to a chemical imbalance. Ive always been “a worrier”, for as long as I can remember. Just now, as a Mom, my worries are so much bigger, and constant.

Has anyone started medication for intrusive anxiety, and had it help?

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Hi there!

I have struggled with some of the same fears. Something happening to my kids or something happening to me and then I’m not there for them.. etc. I feel lots of shame for being stuck in my head when I should be enjoying my family.

I found a few audible books have really helped. “Dare” and “Fearless in 21 days” my fiancé is also very supportive. I found if I truly open up about my fears with him I can feel a little better. Counseling also helps and talking with your doctor.

I’m sorry you’re having anxiety about your kids. I have it too—and my “kids” are 19 and 22! Car accidents are my biggest fear for them. I just have to tell myself it’s not likely they will get into one, just as it’s not likely

your kids will be involved in a school shooting. Really it’s not. Talking yourself down and praying is the only advice I can offer.

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