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it's not a joke


its funny how people says "depression is just what u think, dont think bout it it will pass" like no girl, its hard.

like for example, i was having a lovely day, then a word, scenario triggered this a hole depression of mine. my whole day has been ruined, and plot twist bish, IT WILL TOOK ME A LOT OF TIME TO GET OVER IT. i dont know why, but somehow for me i dont move on fast... and it keeps haunting me, and they all thought im just an over dramatic bish.

(based on my observations and this is only my opinion) and i hate it so much, when they all pity you, and their treat towards you changes when u say u are sad asf, like the looks they gave u now is different, they will talk behind your back. thats whyyy i never tell this to my realtives and "friends" - s

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People who have never experienced depression and/or anxiety truly don't understand it. It is too easy to judge someone else when you have never walked that path. Please try to not their words penetrate. Use their negative energy to fight for yourself and continue your wellness journey. I truly believe everything we face will make us stronger. Don't give up.

I think it happened with everyone having depression or anxiety. People won't understand us, and I never try to make them understand about it. I just try to behave normally. Like nothing have happened,but Inside we're shouting for help.

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