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I was able to identify my trigger and what caused my anxiety. It was the man I was in a relationship and lived with. I left. I spoke with him about everything and what i was going through, he refused to change his ways. I left on a Sunday about two months ago. I recently moved into a ranch home with my emotional support dog/ fur baby (whom he refused to let live with us in the past) and I have not been this happy in awhile. I have less and less bad days and more and more good days. Yes there are times where I am still completely consumed by the stress of life but I remind myself that I am and have proven myself to be strong enough to overcome. So can any of you guys. I made a decision that was extremely hard but ultimately for the better. I encourage everyone to make that decision irregardless of how hard it may be because you dear are stronger and braver than you think.

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Thank you needed to hear these affirmations..

Fur baby....lol very cute name.

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No matter your situation. No matter how dark it may seem. Find that speck of light. Run to it and hold onto it. Things will get better. A quote that I revived from an awesome app said "If you dont think you can accomplish something then you cant accomplish it. you have to be confident in your ability, and be tough enough to follow through". I saved it set it as my wallpaper and look at it every day. I found strength in that quote and hopefully by sharing it with you , you might be able to as well.

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