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I don’t know how to manage myself. Lately it’s been even more difficult. As days go by I feel I am spiralling deeper and deeper into a state of madness. I suffer with clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder. I have severe signs of borderline personality disorder hence making it even more difficult to go by my day to day routine. I have been seeing a psychologist for about 4 weeks now but I don’t feel like it’s helping me. I am on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication.

I keep acting out impulsively trying to escape from my reality. I just want my mind to stop overthinking. I am extremely restless unable to sleep and haven’t been able to eat either. I don’t know what to do to calm myself down.

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Maybe your psychologist is not doing a good job and i had to switch therapist once cause the first one just ask how i am and how's my day and move on


Hello Robin. I’m with indifferentlycalm on this one - maybe your psychologist isn’t right for you. You might want to consider switching. I’ve been with several different psychologists myself - one rushed me too much, another just asked if I would consider going to church... it might feel like a waste of time, but keep looking, you will get a feel for what you need. Or, alternatively, let your psychologist know that you don’t feel like things are working. It takes a lot of courage but ultimately it can help you move in a positive direction in the long run.

Hope that helps. Best wishes to you in these tough times.

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Hi Robin. I agree with everyone else in that you should probably switch psychologist. I had to switch multiple times before finally finding one that was personable. Also it’s also good to try to get to the bottom of what exactly is causing you to feel anxious & depressed. This way you can come to know what your triggers are. I wish you a better day. Stay strong!!


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