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I didn't know being on medication made me a "bad" person

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My roommate and I do not get along, however her mom called my mom today and said "Well, before me daughter moved in with yours, we didn't know she was on meds for all her issues she has. Many that's why my daughter is so miserable living with yours". I'm not sure why my antidepressant medication has anything to do with my roommate or her mom, because it does not effect either one of them. Is it just me being overly sensitive about her comment, or does anyone else feel like they would be disrespected and stigmatized due to their mental health condition?

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Many of us do and are, though sometimes we overreact. It sounds like your roommate's mom may have been mislead, as many others have been, into believing that all mental illness is some kind of psychosis or cause thereof. It is also possible that your mental illnesses is just an excuse your roomate is using to absolve herself (in her own mind) for her contribution to the conflicts between you.

Yeah, my friends ignore my problems and try to act like they don't really exist. If they do acknowledge it, they treat it like if i would just toughen up, I would be fine. If I ever tried to push my problems, I probably wouldn't have any outside friends. I agree with NS on the likely reason you're being treated the way you are. Guess what? You're better than that! Look at all you're suffering and still making it through! That's something to be proud of. I am proud of you for it!

it has nothing to do with the fact that this room-mates mother is the type to blame everyone else for their kids problems instead of owning up to the fact that their kid probably has plenty of their own issues. Don't ever let anyone run you down for trying to take care of yourself. That was the lowest blow and completely evil to do that to another person let alone a young person trying to find their footing in this world. Their kid probably does need their own help for their own issues but the parent is in such complete denial and is probably one of those that would let the kid suffer rather than admit the kid needs help because then it reflects on them as a parent.

Tell them to own their own shit and leave you alone.....their issues are not your problem, so quit being the ignorant gob-shites they are and do their homework about anti-depressants.....and stay on their side of the street. They should apologize for being a shallow bigoted troglodyte and get educated and stop being a typical social stigma.

Please excuse my bluntness but they are ignorant and ridiculous. Different people need different types of medication for all kinds of physical and emotional deficiencies. Would they say that to a chemo patient or diabetic? They need meds too. Please try to not let their words hurt you. You and your doctor are doing what is best for your health. Don't give up working on healing yourself. Press on!

I've learned to just drop all care about what others who don't understand mental illness think. There are millions of great people, from the everyday normal person to celebrities, to influential figures who have dealt with depression either 1st hand or through family. Not that I avoid people who are ignorant about mental illness, I just kinda let anything they say about it go through one ear and out the other... I also avoid telling anyone who is not very close to me that I have anxiety and depression. Unfortunately sometimes that just works out better in many circumstances.

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