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I have GAD and Depression.

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I can honestly say that things have been going better for me. I found out what triggered me to have suicidal thoughts and self-harm thoughts. Since I avoided the triggers, many good things has happen in my life. I feel alive again. School is going great! I have a new job and friends! I lost weight that needed to be gone. I am back at the gym and determined to get back into shape. I am happy! Just writing this made me cry :) As for my anxiety, I have more control of it. I can talk to people all the time. I can talk to guys too! I been on so many dates. I feel like I am being spoiled. I hope this last forever.

~Thank you

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I am happy for you. It's understandable that we'd hear from fewer people with good news to report here but it's encouraging when they do. If you can point to anything that helped you to move forward please share. And do keep moving forward.

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As for my anxiety, I challenged myself. I began gradually doing things that I am afraid to do like eye contact was major for me as a kid. Another one, I just kept trying to talk to people no matter what. I tried to not let any opportunity of me talking to someone slip. One more was just speaking up in public because I would usually be too shy or quiet. More importantly, I wanted to change as a person. I want to look and talk and do things and not be held back. Lastly, my depression is faint when many good things happen. When many bad things happen, it creeps up. I try to cope with it. I talk to people about it and I am seeking help. I was referred to a psychologist, however, I just had some trouble getting in contact with them. I am still trying to get a hold of them.

~Thank you

Yay! I love to hear this. Our thoughts and trigggers really do fuel our anxiety. I’m happy that you have your life back.

Am so very happy for u. And thanks for sharing this post with us. It gives me hope knowing it want last forever. And l agree with 18bImr says please share with us what help u maybe it could help us too thank u in advance and have a great day

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